Paradise Unbakery

1Very very very close to me there was this cafe called ‘Zest’. The funny thing is that you kind of ‘forget’ about the cafe’s which are very close to home. It feels like normal or I think ‘I can review whenever I want to’. But then it never happens. So it took a while until I went to Zest. I always saw these very nice salads when I walked past them. So one afternoon I decided to have lunch there so I can tell you guys about it. Then the owner had some AMAZING news. From the beginning of August they were gonna go 100% vegan!! I was jumping up and down (in my head), this was really good news. Very bad news for my bank account though.. haha! 3I decided not to review Zest and wait until it was all vegan. I had lunch anyway, which was very tasty. Luckily they were going to keep a lot of the lovely salads they already had.
I was so excited, but I happened to be gone for the whole of August, so I had to have a lot of patience. My sister, who stayed in my flat whilst I was gone, even went first. I was so jealous, as she send me pictures of amazing pancakes and cakes.
The first weekend I was back, my brother stayed with me and so I took him for brunch (we’re both a big fan of having a sleep in). As it was brunch, I ordered the waffles (my first vegan waffles ever) and my
brother ordered a yummy looking little bread with pulled jackfruit and a salad. Also we both got a smoothie. OMG.. with every bite I 4put in my mouth I was happier knowing this was so so so close to me. How lucky am I?! I really still cant believe it.

They used to have a quite dark interior. With black and orange, it suited the place. Though now it’s bright, minty, pink, fresh and beautiful! I could live there.. It looks so attractive. The owner and the staff are very friendly and helpful, something I so appreciate. The food is incredible. I’m planning to taste the whole menu, but the things I’ve tasted so far are just perfect. I really can’t think of anything what could be better. It’s such an amazing place! Another must go hotspot!

5Please let me know if you already went here or if you’re planning to go after reading this! You can let me know in the comments below or show me on Instagram by tagging me or using #PlanetManel. Thank you! X


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