A791BFD7-F293-491C-BAB0-1B50B9407E39There was never just one answer when people used to ask me: ‘What do you want to be when you’re older?’. I always had a whole list of things I wanted to be and do. The older I got, the longer the list became. I wanted to work with animals, have my own interior design business, become a photographer, a wedding and party planner, a writer and do something that will make the world a better place. Besides that, I also absolutely love art, travelling, nature, music, singing and reading. People often responded to that by saying I have to make a choice. Looking at my endless list, I had to admit that they were right, unless I decided to become a cat, so I had 9 lives. For years I felt like being stuck and the time kept ticking by.

img_2536In 2013 I became a vegan, after being a vegetarian for a few years. With each passing day, I was able to create this lifestyle for myself. What lead to another huge passion, next to all of the other passions I have. You would think that I would have possibly made things more difficult for myself now there was another thing which could lead to possible future projects. But as a vegan I didn’t only change what I ate, I also started to think and feel different. I started to care even more about the world, the environment, nutrition, my health and I also started to be more spiritual. I wanted to share this somehow, to make the world a better place and for people to feel this great as well. A lot of people already came to me with questions or started to ask for tips. They also often asked for advice and my recipes.

IMG_9255This is where the idea of blogging started to grow. Best of all, it made me realise that by blogging, I was able to do everything I always wanted to do and more. I have been posting about food/recipes, vegan products, vegan advice/information, inspirational stories and more since I started this blog in March 2016. After a few years I felt like doing more though and this is why I pushed myself a little further. I immersed myself in lifestyle coaching and became a qualified vegan nutritionist in March 2019. You can find more information about this and about the services I offer under LRP (Lifestyle Reboot Programme). I love my community, how Planet Manel keeps growing and how I’m able to positively help you to live a great life. So with great joy I would like to say: 

Welcome to ‘Planet Manel’!

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. Feel free to ask any questions or to give me feedback. I love to hear from you!

lots of love,

| Founder Planet Manel.

Some facts about me:
I was born on the 10th of February 1989.
I can live wherever I want to, as I live in a van.
I’m originally Dutch. 
I absolutely adore pigs.
I’m a pig and a dog mum for Oliver & Nola.
I’m addicted to the movie ‘The Beauty & the Beast’.
All the Harry Potter books are my favourite. 
My most worn clothes are all black.
I’m an evening person.
I believe that love is always the answer. 
I like all seasons, except winter.
I crave chocolate 24/7.
I love my family and friends.