Quorn Fillets / Vegenaise

img_0766Such a good move! Quorn decided to do some vegan products. It’s handy because you can get Quorn in basically any supermarket. They use egg in a lot of their products though, so as a vegan it was never an option. It’s great that they make vegan things now. (Veganism is slowly taking over the world!) I don’t eat meat substitutes that often to be honest. I sometimes get them as a treat or for a recipe. I was very curious about the fillets as I used to quite like the chicken-style pieces when I was a vegetarian. So I chose to grill one and ate it with a salad. It was very nice. I liked the structure and the taste itself too. It goes very nicely with salads and very well with the ‘Vegenaise’ below. You just have to make sure you don’t cook them too long as they will go dry then. But overall, I’m very pleased with this. For more of their vegan products and some nice recipes you can visit their website.

img_0767One thing I absolutely love is mayonnaise. Must be a Dutch thing. I like to put it with my fries, mix it through salads, put it on sandwiches and burgers, make dip sauce with it for my crisps, mix it with avocado.. it goes with so many things. When I just turned vegan I didn’t even know there was vegan mayonnaise, but I was very happy when I discovered it. After trying a few different brands I definitely like the organic ‘Vegenaise’ from ‘Follow your Heart’ the best. They also have an original one, but whenever you can choose an organic version, I think you should. The taste is just amazing and it’s exactly what I like. ‘Follow your Heart’ has so many good products though and you can all find them on their website. I think it’s a very good brand for new vegans too, as they have so many good substitutes for so many things. I didn’t try everything yet, but what I do know is that this mayonnaise is definitely worth a try!

Did you already know these products or are you going to try them after reading this? Please let me know or show me on Instagram by using #PlanetManel. Would you like me to test and review your product(s) or do you have any suggestions? Please send me a message via CONTACT! It can be anything (food, drinks, beauty..) as long as it’s vegan. Thank you! X


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