Southbank Centre Shop

img_7772When I was in Southbank a little while ago I passed the Southbank Centre shop. I never even knew that there was a shop like this, but then, the last time I was at Southbank was quite a while ago. Maybe I never payed attention. Such a shame, because it’s a really nice shop. They expanded in 2011 and it’s quite a nice size shop with lots of cool stuff. What got my attention was all the nice cups, teapot and dishes in front of the window. I had a look through the window, but soon I realised that I had to go inside, because I saw so much more I wanted to have a closer look at and touch.

At the Southbank Centre Shop they update their collection regularly. They stay tuned on seasonal trends and all the things happening in the Southbank Centre itself. What makes it such an interesting shop, because there are lot of artistic things, unique things and stuff you can get everywhere. I wanted to look at all the things they sell (what means I was there for quite a while) and a lot of things I wanted to have, haha! At the moment they have lots of Scandinavian things. They also sell lovely books, cards, very cool lightning, London themed stuff (great souvenirs) and so much more.. What is also a helpful thing is that there are quite some nice gifts for men. So in case you’re looking for a nice gift for you dad, brother, boyfriend or an uncle.. (we all know how hard it can be) have a look here!

Some of the things their favourite things in the shop are: Prints and cards from Paul Catherall / Southbank themed prints and accessories from RUDE / Children’s clothing and bags from Mibo / Quirky ceramics by Jimbobart / Innovative kitchenware by Normann Copenhagen / Children’s toys by Best Years / Ruby Ruth Dolls / Jewellery from Laura Gravestock, Tatty Devine and Estella Bartlett / Paul Thurlby’s ‘alphabet’ range / Textiles by Kangan Arora / Cheeky greetings from The Naughty Little Card Shop.

Do you know the Southbank Centre Shop already? Do you like shops like these just as much as I do? Please let me know if you decide to visit the Southbank Centre Shop! You can do this by leaving a comment below. You can also show me by tagging me on Instagram or by using #PlanetManel. Thank you! X


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