img_5656A while ago I planned to visit ‘Rawligion’, to make it one of my hotspots. As I lately plan to work on my blog outside my flat, I was looking for a cafe near Tottenhamcourt Road, where I could write some articles. So I found Yumchaa, what looked really nice. When I arrived there, it turned out that ‘Yumchaa’ was right next to ‘Rawligion’, such a nice and especially handy, coincidence. It was a lovely day that day, with lots of sun and a blue sky. With the graffiti in front of me and the BT tower in the distance I had a strong Berlin-feeling. I was excited to go inside, because the pictures I’ve seen were very appealing.

img_5727It looks like a spacious cafe when you’re standing in front of it, but when you’re actually going inside you can see it’s very big for a cafe. It’s amazing! I loved it instantly! There is so much light coming in through the glass ceilings. I think that is what I loved the most. All the chairs and tables are different and vintage. It’s an organised mess. I won’t like this style in my own house, but for a cafe I just find it absolutely beautiful. The counter is made of old wooden shelfs, what really adds to the industrial/vintage atmosphere. It was very quiet when I came in, what was nice, because I could choose almost any table I wanted. I chose a nice big table near the wall, with lots of daylight.

img_5728The girl who served me was really nice and helpful when I asked for vegan options. On the counter is a big selection of tea, which you can smell, read about and then choose from. What a great idea. Another great thing: they only use loose tea. It’s all about tea here and how to make it taste most perfect. There are also a lot of treats on the counter, with 3 vegan options. Yay! I chose the ‘sour cherry with hazelnut’ cake and (of course) I ordered a chai latte to go with that. They make this in a special filter, what is super cool. I was a little bit too late to take a picture of this process, what means you better go and check it out for yourself. The chai latte was super yummy and pure of taste and the cake I had, was very yummy too. The girl told me they were img_5724thinking about offering more vegan options. You can also have a light lunch here and there was actually only one option for vegans. It would be amazing if they could add some to that. I sat and worked here for a few hours and had a lovely time. I’m very sure I’ll come back here. This is definitely one of my favourite cafes from now on.There are 5 other locations in London though and after seeing this one, I’m very curious about the other locations. Next time I’ll probably check out one of their other locations. You can find all the other locations on their website. It’s a very nice website too and you can buy and learn all about their tea. They even deliver. And it’s free for all UK orders over £35. Delivery tea, how great!

WHO? Yumchaa.
WHERE? 9-11 Tottenham St, Fitzrovia, W1T 2AQ.
CUISINE? Tea Cafe.
VEGAN? No! (omni)
OVERALL? 9 (beautiful atmosphere, great tea/cake, could have more vegan options)

Do you know Yumchaa already? Are you a tea drinker and do you sometimes work outside your house too? Please let me know if you decide to visit Yumchaa! You can do this by leaving a comment below. You can also show me by tagging me on Instagram or by using #PlanetManel. Thank you! X