Kitchen & Pantry

I remember coming here once with my previous employer and the kids. I ordered a juice and I remember I liked it. Also I remember my dad said their coffee was really good. Though I don’t drink coffee myself, I thought they might be good in general. So I thought, let’s go here and see what else they have to offer vegans! It’s always busy here and people tend to love it, so I was curious what they would have. When I came in, one of the first things I saw was a vegan wrap in the fridge section. This was very hopeful I thought. Then I looked at the menu signs, to be a little disappointed. I could see lots of different ways to have your eggs, but no vegan options at all.

I went to the counter and introduced myself and straight away the girl walked away and the manager took her place. What was a little odd as she didn’t say anything. I asked for the vegan options, but she said she was sorry to not really have any. I was a little shocked. I haven’t been in many places where they don’t have anything. So I mentioned the wrap and she said that was the only thing. Then she started about all the vegetarian options, but that wasn’t really in any of my interest. They do a vegetarian breakfast, where you could leave out the egg, but then she wasn’t sure about the sausages. She said she also couldn’t check if they were vegan. I think this was very bad as they should always be exactly aware of what the offer.

I ordered a juice (the Cleanse) and the wrap though, to see if at least that was nice. I didn’t really like that the wrap had sugar in it, but I must say it was a very tasty wrap. I especially liked the aubergine in there. The juice was nice, but it still had a lot of pulp, coming from the ginger. It kept blocking my straw. They don’t use water or anything other than fruit in their juices, what I really like though. I also like the interior. They have many different corners and cosy seats, with sofa’s, tables to work on and many other seats. You can also sit outside. But I won’t come here again.. apart from maybe a take away juice. I think they should work on their vegan options as they are a little behind on other places.

WHO? Kitchen & Pantry.
WHERE? 14 Elgin Crescent, W11 2HX.
CUISINE? Diverse (breakfast/lunch).
VEGAN? No! (omni)
OVERALL? 5 (Nice seats, nice juices, but almost no options and bad informed staff.)

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Kale Wrap / Sour Sweets

Finally.. they were one of the last coffeeshops, but Starbucks introduced a vegan meal. Or meal, something more than a hand full of nuts or a piece of dark chocolate. Starbucks is my favourite place to get tea. I drink my green tea with soy milk or, my latest discovery.. a Green tea Soy latte. If I wanted to eat something  I could choose between some little snacks, because all the sandwiches, wraps and cakes have meat, dairy or egg in them. A lot of other coffeeshops already offered vegan options, especially if we talk about PRET, they are king! Though Starbucks didn’t. Such a shame. But as the world is changing, Starbucks had to. And of course I had to try it. I didn’t have breakfast the morning I did and so it was kind of like a breakfast burrito. First of all, I think it looks good. The lettuce inside and the wrap itself are fresh and the overall taste is nice. It’s just a shame there is a lot of crap (sugar!) in them. But if you’re in a rush and you need to have something in your stomach, I think Starbucks did a good job with offering something tasty!  Let’s hope for more options in the future. Way to go!

I love love love sour sweeties. I know they’re not good for you, but very once in a while I have some. Sometimes until my tongue is literally open. I know.. it’s bad! It’s just so yummy. The sour the better. A while ago I discovered these Sour Snakes from Biona. BIona is one of my favourite brands. They just have a lot of good stuff. I took these to Rome and I was pleasantly surprised by the taste They’re sour (though it could of lasted a little longer) and the taste is nice. They’re obviously still not healthy, but I’m sure it’s at least better than the other ones. But just once in a while it should be fine. To take with you on a trip or like me.. when I’m on my period (serious cravings!).

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img_2971On my way to the Whole Foods Market I always pass Notting Hill Gate and there is this cafe/smoothie bar, called ‘Crussh’. I really liked there logo and name and it just looks very appealing. Also.. reviewing smoothies is never a problem, so I went for it. I went before Christmas (I know little late to post it now, sorry!) and I was having a terrible cough at the time. They say they serve ‘fit food’, so I thought, that is what I need. I needed to be fit again! Loading myself up with a boost of vitamins and goodness, seemed like a great idea.

img_2972They have a lot of choice and you can even add extra shots of extra healthy things. Great to cure my cough, haha! I went for a strawberry smoothie and added an echinacea booster. As it was lunch time, I also ordered an avocado, red pepper and cashew nut tapenade wrap. Doesn’t that sound awesome?! It sounds awesome.. but it tasted even better. It was a super delicious wrap, with lots of nice, fresh and crunchy veggies. I really enjoyed that. They do have a few more vegan options for eating.. like a sweet potato falafel salad wrap! Gosh, that I do need to try too. The smoothie was really good too, sweet and fruity. I should come here for lunch more often.

Like I said earlier, I really like their design, the logo and the name. It’s simple, but catchy. I went to the one in Notting Hill Gate and I like that one, because you can sit upstairs. It’s quite big and because it’s upstairs, it’s quiet too. They have comfy sofa’s , but also proper tables and chairs. It’s perfect to bring your laptop and so some work (I might do that next week actually!). They have quite a lot of locations, which you can all find on their website. Go have a look to find out where the nearest one is for you. Their website is amazing btw, because you can find all their food there and filter the vegan food. How handy?! There is so much choice too. Crussh is definitely worth a visit!

WHO? Crussh.
WHERE? 59 Notting Hill Gate, W11 3JS.
CUISINE? Fit food.
VEGAN? No! (omni)
OVERALL? (great, healthy and fresh food/drinks/snacks, great locations, good for working)

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