Coco Choco

img_6348Easyyyy! Sooo delicious! That sums up this recipe. Something everybody needs in life, is hot chocolate. Just sometimes you have to treat yourself and enjoy every sip. This is how I make my delicious hot chocolate and I felt the need to share it with you, especially because it’s still quite cold outside. Tip: It tastes even better after a firm walk. Go out, to a park or just enjoy the London streets. When you get back, you make yourself this and it’s like adding another secret ingredients. Did I already mention that this goodness is guilt free? No refined sugar or other crap. So you can enjoy this to the fullest. I doubled the recipe, so you can share it with your lover or friend. Orrrr.. you can easily safe a portion in the fridge and warm it up the next day. Why not treat yourself 2 days in a row, right?


Servers: 2

-2 cup Almond milk
-1/2 cup coconut milk
-2 tbs cacao powder
-4 tbs palm sugar

-Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend for 20 seconds.
-Heat in a sauce pan or if you’re the proud owner of a Vitamix, blend on HighSpeed until heated.
-Sprinkle some cinnamon on top.

Vegan hot chocolate, it’s something everybody needs! Simple as that. Please let me know when you’ve tried it. You can do this in a comment below.. or you can tag me or use #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


Autumn Warmth

tI like Autumn. I love how the trees change colour, the dark grey skies full of rain, rainbows, sunsets.. Autumn is all about colour. It’s also a little bit cold, but it’s not freezing. Let’s say it’s that kind of cold I can handle, haha! I think London parks are so beautiful now, with the beautiful trees all green, yellow, red and orange. You can find lots of acorns, hazelnuts, conkers.. and what about the chestnuts you can find in most parks, free lunch! Going for a stroll in Autumn is definitely no punishment. Though, isn’t it nice to come home to a warm cup of tea?! That is nice! So nice! Did you know you can easily make tea by yourself? Here is a delicious spicy (if you want it less spicy, reduce pepper corns and ginger) tea recipe with lots of goodness, what will also give your immune system an extra boost!


serves: 4

1l water
1 apple (cut into 4)
3 cm ginger (peeled)
2 cm turmeric (peeled)
2 cinnamon sticks
6 cardamom pods
10 black pepper corns
2 star anise

-Put all the ingredients in a sauce pan and put it on a medium fire.
-When it boils, put the fire down and let it simmer for about 15-20 min.
-Pour the tea through a sieve into a cup.

Do you like Autumn? Lovely strolls through the woods, collecting all sorts of things?! Are you going to make this recipe? Please let me know or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X