Raw bars / Stock

Originally the ‘Rawbite’ bars come from Denmark, but are now available in more than 30 different countries. When 3 guys met by chance (though they’re sure it was faith) they came up with the idea to create an honest and natural snack for on the go. They come in 8 different flavours: Protein, Spicy lime, Apple cinnamon, Raw cacao, Coconut, Vanilla berries, Cashew and Peanut. I tried them all except the Cashew. They’re all very nice and have a very nice structure. My favourites are ‘Apple Cinnamon’, ‘Coconut’ and ‘Peanut’. That is just really my thing. I mostly use them when I go to the gym as a pre or post work out snack. They work very well for that. The ‘Protein’ bar even has 20 gr of protein and they all give you a boost of energy.I also think it’s super handy to have in your bag for when you’re on the way and it’ll take a while before your next meal. What I really like is the colours and the simplicity of this product. You can get them in a lot of health shops/supermarkets like the ‘Whole Foods Market’ and ‘Portobello Wholefoods’. Check out their website for more information.

I sometimes like to use stock as it’s such an easy and quick way to make a sauce or soup. My favourite stock is the ‘yeast free vegetable’ and the ‘garlic and herb’ from Kallø. I like them so much because they are all natural, organic, gluten-free, they don’t add sugar or any other crap and their palm oil is responsibly sourced. I think the ‘yeast free vegetable’ is ideal for making any kind of soup and I like to use the ‘garlic and herb’ to make a yummy pasta sauce. Unfortunately not all supermarkets sell Kallø or they only have a few options (especially the ‘garlic and herb’ can be hard to find). I’m sure they have them in the ‘Whole Foods Market’ in High Street Kensington and sometimes you’re just lucky to bump into the right one. For more information you can visit their website, because Kallø also sells rice/corn cakes, cereals, breadsticks and gravies. PS: Don’t forget to check out the little poems which are written on the back of every product! + ..don’t they have a cool design?


Fruit packs / Soup

I love baby food. A lot of people think I’m crazy, but I also met a few people who agree with me. I like all sorts of baby food, even the ones with veggies in them. There are so many different brands, but my favourite is definitely Ella’s Kitchen! The taste is just amazing and I like it even more, because it’s organic and there is no crap at all. My favourites are the ones on the picture and then especially the ‘mangoes, pears and papaya’ one. I eat them like a snack, as a healthy dessert, over yogurt or over fruit. They are delicious! For the people who really have babies I’d recommend Ella’s Kitchen too. Though I’m a big believer in making the food for your baby yourself (invest in a good food processor), because you can’t get it any fresher and because it gives less waste. And for all the grown ups who like baby food, go and try these! Ella’s Kitchen is not vegan though, they also have things with meat and dairy. Though they have a big range of vegan things. Yay! Visit their website to have a look at all their products.

I never heard of Tideford soup before, until recently. I was at the Whole Foods Market and I saw them in the fridge. It said ‘organic’ and ‘vegan’ and I’m just a sucker for those 2 things, especially combined. When I did my research I’ve found out they decided to go 100% vegan. They have soup, sauces and even pesto and they’re all vegan now. For all the varieties of soup and other products, you can visit their website. They also have a lot of information about why being vegan is so good. I think I just have a new favourite brand! About the soup I tried.. they both have a very strong taste and I liked the ‘minestrone’ a bit better than the ‘miso broth’. What I think is positive, but some people might find it a bit overwhelming. I think you just have to try it and test which one you like best. Did I mention that all their products are also free from gluten, wheat and nuts?! Brands like this are definitely worth supporting.

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Rice over Lentils

13405102_1168776779833090_300747973_oAnother cheat recipe! Always handy after a busy day, when you don’t feel like cooking that day or if you’re working out and you need a quick healthy meal. If you’d eat it with brown rice, this one should be a good one before or after a good sweaty work out. Because of the high protein levels in lentils and the carbs in rice. If you know you’re going to be in a rush, you can even make the rice in advance, so you only have to warm it up. Amy’s Kitchen is a lovely brand, as the vegetables in the soup are organic and there is no sugar or other crap. Not all the soups are vegan btw, so make sure you check the ingredient list before buying. This lentil version is definitely my favourite, but the ‘Rustic Italian Vegetable’ one is also a very nice one. Not sure if that will be nice with rice as I’ve never tried it, but you can also eat only the soup of course and serve some pita bread on the side. Yum!


13405609_1168776756499759_1530811103_oServes: 2-3

1 can of ‘Amy’s Kitchen’ lentil soup
3 cups of rice (cooked)
1/2 avocado (optional)

-Warm the soup. Make sure it doesn’t boil.
-Make the rice as described on the package.
-Cut the avocado.
-Serve together.

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Zoodles meet India

IMG_8983Do you sometimes come home from a very unexpected long and busy day and there happen to be no leftovers, because you ate it?! You’re hungry and it’s very likely you’re going to eat that chocolate bar instead of a good meal. You can also get take away of course, but to keep it healthy, fast and cheap, I have a tip so you can still have a lovely nutritional meal. Thank me later! The best thing is that you can freeze these Glorious soups (how glorious is that?), so you always have something to grap. Though it’ll take a bit longer to warm it up of course. The fastest way is to get the soup and a courgette on your way home. Also a nice thing about this Glorious soup is that there is no sugar or other crap in it. Only goodness!

Beacuase it’s not a real recipe, I call it a cheat recipe. Let me know if you would like to see a few more of these.


IMG_8985Serves 2

1 Mumbai and Chickpeas soup from ‘Glorious’
1 big Courgette
extra chickpeas (optional)

-Use a spiralizer to make zoodles of the courgette. (or when you want it even easier, you can buy it spiralized in the supermarket)
-Warm the soup with the extra chickpeas. Do not let it boil.
-Serve together.

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