Nori Nori

I love nori sheets. You can make so many fun and yummy things with them. Of course you can make sushi, but that is quite time-consuming I always think. One of my favourite things to make and to eat are the nori rolls. They are easy to make and super super healthy too. You can easily make a whole bunch of them. They are also nice to serve on parties, for on the way, as a snack and of course just for lunch or dinner. And if your kids like them, they are great for lunch boxes (you might want to leave the sesame oil out as many schools don’t allow sesame products, due allergies). Also it’s best to eat them the same day you make them. Otherwise they can get a little soggy. Just in case: this will be a great creative addition to your Xmas dinner.


Serves: 2 (10 rolls)

-10 nori sheets (half cut)
-10 long bits of tempeh (I used Tofurky bacon)
-150 gr fresh spinach
-8 big mushrooms (sliced)
-1 red bell pepper (sliced)
-60 gr alfalfa
-1/4 tsp coriander (optional)
-1/4 tsp ground cumin (optional)
-1 tsp sesame oil
-1/2 tsp soy sauce
-salt/pepper (to taste)

-Fry the mushrooms (no oil) in a frying pan for just 2 minutes on a medium/high fire.
-Add the spinach for just a minute.
-Let it cool down, before you squeeze out all the water.
-Add the coriander, ground cumin, sesame oil and soy sauce + salt and pepper to taste. Mix it well. The best is to use your hand for this.
-Fry the bell pepper just until you see brown/black bits appear.
-Fry the tempeh both sides until gold brown.
-Put 1/10 of the mushrooms and spinach (about 2 tbs) on a nori sheet.
-Then add 3 bits of bell pepper, 1 bit of tempeh and 2 tbs of the alfalfa.
-Roll it all op. Use a little bit of water on the end of the nori sheet to make it stick.
-Do this 10 times.

Are you a fan of nori sheets, just like me? And are you gong to make these? Please let me know when you’ve tried it. You can do this in a comment below.. or you can tag me or use #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X




13271764_1155880737789361_906876750_oWho loves sushiiiii?? Sushi is heaven! I just won’t believe you if you say differently. And though people mainly think of raw fish, I think of sticky rice with veggies and delicious seaweed. My personal favourite sushi place is Wasabi, because I like to get sushi on the go, as a quick lunch or take away. Wasabi is perfect for that. There are a lot of Wasabi restaurants in London (39 to be precise), and their sushi is very nice.
In the most Wasabi restaurants there are at least some seats, but there are a few which are a bit bigger than the average one. For this review I went to the one in Knightsbridge, across from Harrods. This is a nice big Wasabi and if you don’t want to, or it’s too busy to eat it there, you can always have a seat at a very nice Starbucks next door.

13288471_1155880767789358_1893192890_oWhat I mostly eat whenever I’m at Wasabi is the ‘mini veg set’, a few extra avocado and cucumber hosomaki’s and a seaweed onigiri (truly addictive). I also always get an extra pack of ginger. Before I start eating I make my plate look pretty. Putting the soy sauce and the ginger (and some wasabi when i’m in the mood) in the little containers, unpack the extra hosomaki’s and put it all together. Doing this all before actually eating it directly is actually really nice, almost feels like a ritual. I like making time for it and even doing it for others whenever I have company.

13271771_1155880757789359_473400536_oSomething very exciting is that very recently they have a brown rice veggie set!! As you probably know, white rice isn’t that good for you. Now they have brown rice sushi available it’s so much healthier. Especially because the amount of seaweed you’re eating too. I was almost euphoric when I found out. Of course I bought a box instantly and it tastes lovely. I hope in the future the onigiri and much more sushi will be available with brow rice too!

13282375_1155880764456025_1488817603_oThe atmosphere is a the same in every restaurant. Their interior is white, with green transparent round chairs and glass tables. It’s quite cold, but because it’s so typical Wasabi you just go with it and you even start to love it.
The only thing about Wasabi I really don’t like is that they create a lot of waste. Everything is packed. A lot of plastic going on there. I would like to see that change.

What is your favourite sushi place? Anybody who likes to go to Wasabi too? Please let me know or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X