13493228_1173405976036837_1644767922_oWhen I moved to London, about 3,5 years ago, I was vegetarian and everywhere I went, that word caught my eye. I just changed jobs and I was walking around to get to know the neighbourhood. My new employee gave me a short explanation about where is what and I decided to walk to Hammersmith the first weekend I was off. Whilst I was walking I noticed a sign straight away which said ‘vegetarian cuisine’. An Indian restaurant. I never really went to an Indian restaurant before, but I was so curious about a restaurant with only vegetarian food, that I went inside and sat down to have lunch. I ordered a curry, but I ate it as soup. I didn’t know most people have rice with that, so when I ordered the waiter didn’t really get I only wanted the curry, haha! It was delicious though.

13499672_1173405919370176_272672903_oNow that I’m vegan and I now also know Indian curry is delicious with rice, I decided to go back to see if I like it just as much. It was funny to walk in, as I felt it’s been years and years since I first stept in. The staff welcomed me very friendly and I felt comfortable straight away. I was allowed to find a seat myself. The menu is really big and it took me a while to decide what I wanted. They marked all the dishes with things like ‘contains milk’ etc. but I wasn’t sure if it was also all vegan then. When I asked it turned out they have a separate vegan menu!! Can I get a Hallelujah?! I always appreciate it so much if restaurants actually make a separate menu. And the menu was really good. Not just 2 things to choose from, but it was a proper menu! Loved it! I ordered a nice vegetable curry with garlic rice. I didn’t have to wait very long before beautiful dishes, in very pretty bowls, were in front of me.

13467272_1173405899370178_1105723605_oThe food was delicious. Even more delicious than I can remember. Maybe the rice did make a difference?! Anyway, I really enjoyed it and as I didn’t order a starter, there was still some room for dessert. You can choose from 3 things and I ordered ‘Sheera’. This is a nice, slightly sweet, sort of cake with raisins and nuts. It was warm and tasty, but I personally do prefer something more fresh after my main course.

13467786_1173405982703503_1167097133_oThe interior is quite simple, with the wooden walls and all the wood basically in one colour. I’m not a big fan of this kind of interior, it’s a bit old fashion. But I loved all the beautiful statues in the walls, what made in interesting. I wish I could have taken home the amazing Ganesh statue. I like the outside though. Plain, simple, but clear. I think if they would make the interior more modern they will attract more people. On the other hand, as the it’s all traditional food, maybe the interior is just fine. They do have 3 more restaurants (Covent Garden, West End, Harrow), but I never went there. Maybe I should visit those too or maybe if you guys can tell me what it’s like?! Take a look at their website for more information.

13500008_1173405932703508_1828277724_oAnyway, if you like Indian food and then especially the South Indian traditional kind.. You have to visit Sagar. Their menu is definitely worth a few visits. To try out new things and discover the Indian kitchen. I’m sure I’ll come back here when I feel like having a damping bowl of curry and perfectly cooked rice. Maybe I’ll try out another branch, though I really do like the one in Hammersmith. They are a nice restaurant and the staff is really friendly and it makes your visit very enjoyable!

Do you like Indian food? Have you ever had a curry from Sagar? Or are you going to try one after reading this? Please let me know or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X