Routine Yaa or Nah?

Some of you may, just like me, swear they love routine. Some of you might be allergic for only mentioning the word routine. I do get that for both ways there are pros and cons. But a routine doesn’t have to mean you plan every second of your life (even I would be deeply unhappy if I did that). To have meals around the same time every day is a routine. And this is something what can be very beneficial for your body. For myself I created a morning routine, a day routine and an evening routine. I like to have something I can hold on to and do things that are good for my health. I feel happier and much calmer if I follow some sort of routine. I will tell you about my routines and it might inspire you to have a routine yourself.

Almost every morning I wake up at 6:00 and from there I kind of split my morning into blocks of 15 minutes. I start (right after opening my eyes) with taking some deep breaths and some stretching. This really helps me to wake up. When you’re sleeping everything in your body goes a little slower. Taking deep breaths and stretching your muscles is good for your blood flow and your body gets a ton of oxygen straight away. Then I make myself my morning water. This is a big glass (400ml) of warm (I mix cold and boiled) water, the juice of half a lemon and 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar. This cleanses your body, gives it a vitamin C boost and wakes up your metabolism. I also use this time to go to the toilet etc. Just 15 minutes where I can wake up in a relaxed way. Then I do some yoga exercises for about 15 minutes, followed by some meditation. Then it’s time to get dressed, do my make up and get ready for the day. At 7:00 I take the time to make and eat breakfast. This always includes a green smoothie, either with fruit or overnight porridge. Just before I leave for work around 7:45, I take a little time for affirmations, visualisation and sometimes I do some writing or reading too. By this time I’m full of energy and ready to start my day. This energy is with me the whole day whenever I start my day like this. I have a rule to not touch my phone during my morning routine.

To cut it short: 
06:00 – Deep breaths and stretching + morning water.
06:15 – Yoga.
06:30 – Meditation.
06:45 – Get dressed + Make up.
07:00 – Breakfast.
07:30 – Affirmations/Visualisation/Writing or Reading.
07:45 – Work.

During the day there are a lot of different things happening of course and every day is different. I do try to have meals/snacks around the same time though. Around 10:30 I have a snack. This is basically always fruit. I like to eat fruit in the morning, so my body can easily digest it and absorb all the vitamins. Then I have lunch around 12:30, but I always squeeze in some exercise before I start eating my lunch. This means I’m doing some crunches, squats and press ups etc. I try to do this every day, apart from the Sunday. My lunch is 9/10 times a salad with lotsss of veggies. Then around 16:00 I’ll start to be hungry again and I either eat some nuts, raw veggies or sometimes a Nakd bar or something like that.

To cut it short: 
10:30 – Snack (fruit)
12:00 – Exercise.
12:30 – Lunch.
16:00 – Snack (nuts, raw veggies).

I always try to have my dinner around 19:00, but on my days off, I often have it a little earlier. Then I take a shower (I sometimes do this just before going to bed too, but I prefer to do it after dinner). I always try not to work after dinner, but to use that time to relax. Sometimes it does happen I want to finish something. My max is 20:00, after that I force myself to relax). I often spend the evening reading, watching Netflix, using Pinterest and I scroll a little through my social media apps etc. I don’t always have a snack in the evening, it depends a little bit on how I feel. Sometimes I’m still full until bed time and sometimes I do eat something like veggie crisps, a piece of chocolate or some home-made biscuits/cake or something. I also make myself a Chai Latte quite a lot. This is a real treat for me, I love it! At 22:00 I start to get ready for bed. I prepare some things for the next day (put my breakfast necessities on the counter, pack snacks etc.) I brush my teeth and plat my hair etc. If it isn’t 22:30 yet by that time, I read a little bit and just before closing my eyes, I always wish my boyfriend a good night sleep. Often I do relaxation exercises before I go to sleep, to make myself fall asleep fast and to benefit my overall sleep.

To cut it short: 
19:00 – Dinner.
19:30 – Work or relax.
20:30 – Snack (veggie crisps, chocolate, chai latte).
22:00 – Get ready for bed (brush teeth etc.)
22:30 – Sleep.

Now, I don’t have alarms on my phone with all these times and I don’t feel bad when some things happen a little earlier of later. The times for me are just guidelines. I think as soon as you are going to plan your life in minutes it will get super stressed. And having a routine is for the opposite effect. Sometimes I also skip some things and that is fine. You need to enjoy life and trying to function like a robot is really not a good idea. These routines just give me a a sense of peace. I feel much better when I follow all these steps, because they’re all things that are beneficial to my health. Especially my morning routine is very important to me. It’s the base for the rest of my day and I feel a big difference during the day when I don’t do it at all.

Do you have a routine? Or is a routine really not for you? Please tell me about your lifestyle routine. Maybe we can learn from each other! Please let me know in the comments below or show me on Instagram by using #PlanetManel. You can also tag me! Thank you and have a lovely day! X


What I eat in a Day! #2

img_6434For this ‘What I eat in a Day’ I chose a random work day. I was a little late this day, so at home I only had about half a litre of water and an apple on the way. I did make some porridge at work around 9:00, with soy milk, blueberries, 1 tbs of peanut butter and cinnamon. Very yummy! Lately I’ve been eating porridge a little more often, because it just keeps me going for so much longer. What is handy on days I have activities planned in the morning. Like that day. When it’s around 11:00 I do get hungry again though and what I then do is eat an apple. Apples give me a full feeling for about half an hour and then make me very hungry. Perfect, because I like to be hungry for lunch.

img_3598The evening before, my amazing boyfriend made some delicious vegetable soup and I took it to work for lunch. I had it at 13:00, with some bread. It love dipping bread in soup. I can eat soup and bread every day, haha! Especially when my boyfriend makes it. Then in the afternoon I do eat some more fruit. I ate a banana and a pear. As the afternoon was a little busy I wasn’t thinking about food too much and before I knew it, it was dinner time.
Also from the day before, I had some left over aubergine curry. I made this super tasty recipe ‘Keen on Aubergine’ for you guys (it will come online soon) and there was a whole portion left. I had it with rice the day before and so today I decided to see if it’ll taste good with gnocchi too. It did taste good with gnocchi! Yum, what a lovely dinner!

Also during the day I drunk 3 cups of tea, what is 2 cups less than I normally drink. I just didn’t have time. I drunk 2 cups of detox tea and 1 chai latte (recipe) before bed time. I also drunk 1,5 l of water.

Do you eat similar to me? Or do you have a whole different routine? I’d love to hear about it. Please let me know in the comments below or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X

Beauty Routine

13453479_1169448609765907_594111696_oMy routine is very  important to me. It keeps me going and I feel good doing it. I almost never skip anything. The only time that happens is when I accidentally fall asleep or when I oversleep, but that basically never happens to me. But if it happens I don’t feel so comfortable. Maybe it’s because I’m quite a control freak, but also because I just don’t feel clean and that is not a nice feeling.
I have tried a lot of things and a lot of different products over the years, but at this moment I think I have the perfect routine. Because I know a lot of people are struggling to find a good routine or good products, I thought it’s a good idea to tell you mine. Maybe it’ll not work for you, maybe it will and maybe it only inspires you to create your own routine. I’ll tell you what I do in the morning and the evening and I’ll also tell you something about each product and how I use it. I hope you will enjoy reading this.

In the morning I always brush my teeth. I use the tooth tabs, ‘Miles of Smiles’, from Lush for this. This is my favourite as it has a nice fresh and minty taste. I only use half of one tab, because that is more than enough. I use the other half in the evening. You use it by chewing on it and then brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush. I love it! It’s also so handy for holidays, especially when you fly as you don’t have to put it in a plastic bag at the security. Another benefit is that you use everything. With toothpaste it can be quite tricky to finish it all, but with the tabs that is never a worry.

13460759_1169448286432606_740673601_oThen my make up. I only use a bit of foundation and mascara, which are both from ‘Barry M’. I started to use this quite recently and I’m very happy with it. The foundation has a good coverage, though I would be even happier if the colour was slightly lighter. As long as you don’t touch your face too much it’ll last as good as the whole day. Now the mascara is just amazing! The mascara I used before always smudged a bit under my eyes, even though it was waterproof, and I was always aware of this. It made me feel uncomfortable at times and I was always trying to make it go away, even if I wasn’t sure it was smudged. The mascara from ‘Barry M’ gets quite hard, but it doesn’t smudge at all and it gives a lovely length. I’m very happy with it. The only trouble maybe is that, because it’s stays on so well, it’s a bit tricky to get it off. But I got something for that, more about this later.

For my hair I only use a bit of coconut oil. It doesn’t really matter what brand, but I do make sure it’s organic and virgin. I do have to say that I really like the brand I’m using at the moment, called ‘Nutiva’. It has a very strong and not so obvious smell. I’d recommend it. So I just melt a bit in my hands and divide it over my hair. You have to be careful not to use too much, because then it looks like you didn’t wash your hair in weeks. Not a sexy look! I love the way my hair smells after it and it feels light, soft and there are zero knots.

13410344_1169450739765694_1733858665_oNow in the evening.. I always try to take a shower straight when I get home. Just so I’ll not be too tired before bedtime. The big star under the shower is definitely ‘Olive Branch’ from Lush. I do everything with it. I use is as a shower gel, for shaving, for scrubbing, for my hair and.. to remove my make up! To remove my mascara I first make my face wet and wait for about 5 minutes so the water can make the mascara a bit softer. Then I put only a tiny bit of ‘Olive Branch’ on my finger tips and gently massage is on my closed(!) eyes. Then I also wash the rest of my face with it. Rinse it off with water and it’s gone. To make sure everything is off my face and to calm it down, I use ‘Herbalism’ from Lush. I use this since the beginning and I love this product. Once you have a little bit of product in your hand, you add a few drops of water with it and rub it in your hands to wash your face. It smells nice, gives a very mild scrub and is gentle on your skin.

I scrub my body about once a week and I use ground coffee for this. Yes! If you like to try this too, this is how I do it: Apply the ‘Olive Branch’ over your skin and dip your hand in the coffee and then simply scrub scrub scrub.. I also use it for my face, but you have to be careful with this when you have a sensitive skin and always make sure you make soft movements and not for too long. You don’t want to break your skin.

13461312_1169448319765936_975829400_oMy favourite Lush product in terms of smell is ‘Ro’s Argan’. It’s a body conditioner, but I use it more as a lotion and I sometimes even use it as some sort of perfume before I go somewhere. The idea is to put it on your skin, leave it for a bit and then rinse it off, just like a conditioner for your hair. I use it after taking a shower and it makes me smell define. It’s a shame it’s so expensive, but I love it so much that I do buy it. A real treat!

As a nightcream, after the shower, I also use simply coconut oil. It’s a perfect natural moisturiser and your skin smells amazing. Coconut oil is anti bacterial, has vitamin-E and has anti-aging properties. And when I have a bit more time, as it takes a bit longer for coconut oil to be absorbed by your skin, I sometimes also use it as a body lotion. This is when I’m not using ‘Ro’s Argan’ of course.

Last but not least and very important. Deodorant! I tried so many brands and techniques, but now I found my ultimate favourite. And it’s the most simple and definitely the cheapest one. I use ‘Salt of the Earth’. It’s actually just salt what you rub on your armpits. You have to make your armpits a bit wet before applying it, but the handiest way is to just use it after the shower. It’s unscented, but it works for hours (24+ for me!). I bought my one over a year ago and I’m sure it’ll last me at least until the end of this year. It’s amazing!

To easily find my favourite beauty products in the shop yourself, here is a handy list:
*Tooth tabs ‘Miles of Smiles’ – LUSH – £5,95
*Face cleanser ‘Herbalism’ – LUSH – £6,95
*Shower gel ‘Olive Branch’ – LUSH – £9,75
*Body conditioner ‘Ro’s Argan’ – LUSH – £16,50
*Coconut oil ‘Nutiva’ – Health shops – £9,50 (on sale)
*Deodorant ‘Salt of the Earth’ – Health shops – £4,99
*Foundation ‘Barry M’ – Superdrug/Boots – £5,99
*Mascara ‘Barry M’ – Superdrug/Boots – £6,49

*These are the prices I paid for it. The prices may vary of course.

Do you also have a routine? Are you always using the same products, or maybe even one of the products I use too? Please let me know or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X