Love Boat

boatHappy Valentine’s Day! First of all, I’m actually not that much into Valentine’s Day. It needs some explanation though, because what I mean is that I’m not into this whole hype. The glittery hearts, the big teddy bears (..and in the end you never really know what to do with them) and all the crazy stuff the shops have to offer. For me Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. Isn’t it nice that there is a special day in the year dedicated to love? I think it is! Love is what the world needs, now more than ever before. That doesn’t mean that you will only have to tell your lover and loved ones you love them on the 14th of February. I just think that it’s nice, in honour of love, to tell the people you love, that you do. Send them a card with a nice message or just a simple text message. Just to let them know that on this day of love, they’re the one you’re thinking of.

img_6188And second.. Yes, I’m crazy in love! I’m sure that the ones who follow me on Instagram know. There is no doubt! Hehe.. I feel so lucky to have found my boyfriend. I never met someone before where it feels this right. He’s my soulmate.. and I dare to say that he is the love of my life and I never said that about anybody else. That is quite deep then, isn’t it? We just feel so right, so complete and so meant to be. He is so perfect! We have a lot in common and he then always tells me ‘we’re in the same boat’. What inspired me to write this poem. The words come from the bottom of my heart as I want it to work out with him so much.


We are in the same boat since the day we met,
we don’t know what’s going to happen next yet.
Maybe we will get attacked by monsters of the sea,
but we will fight back until we are worry free.
Maybe we will hit an iceberg and the boat breaks,
but we will always fix it together, whatever it takes.
Maybe we will forget to steer and it gets stuck on a reef,
but we will keep pushing until we sail again, that I believe.

Maybe at one point the boat will go really really fast,
because we forgot to check the weather forecast.
Maybe the boat will slow down for just a little while,
but it will be fine, I’m sure we will make it, mile after mile.
Maybe the boat will meet heavy storms, don’t you think?
but our boat is the best boat there is and it will never sink.
Yes, most of the time it will be stable and gently float,
it’s the safest boat there is, cuz it’s a crazy in love boat.

Happy Valentine’s Day baby! ❤  You’re the love of my life!
X ..your girl!

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Hundreds Of Miles

screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-19-16-02As you might have noticed (if you follow me on Instagram), I’m in loooove! Last November I met the nicest guy ever and now we’re together, what makes me so happy. I was single for the last 2 years, after coming out of a very difficult relationship. I never thought I would be in a relationship again, but I couldn’t ignore these feelings. He’s so amazing! We had to miss each other for 25 days over Christmas, as we were both on holiday and that’s when I wrote this poem. Missing somebody is not nice, but being able to miss somebody is a good sign. It means you care and you want to be with that person.


Every day I feel my love for you growing,
addicted to feel more as it’s mind-blowing.
Every time I see you I feel more and more,
so missing you makes my heart feel sore

I want you to be here and hold me very tight,
me wrapped up in your arms just feels so right.
Knowing you’re so far away makes me so sad,
missing your loving kisses on my forehead.

I miss your stories and your cleverness,
imagining your voice doesn’t help I guess.
It makes me want to hear you even more,
makes me miss you even more than before.

I am missing your passionate cuddles a lot,
for now, memories are the only thing I got.
But me knowing you’re not away for good,
makes me excited and it lights my mood.

Never really knew this actually did exist,
realising that it’s you I’ve always missed.
You’re so different from everything I know,
but it feels more right than ever though.

Yes in between us are hundreds of miles,
but I’ll wait forever for one of your smiles.

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Lost Love

IMG_0019Do you know that feeling when you hear the first 30 seconds of a song and you know it’ll be one of your favourite songs?! When I heard the song ‘I hate you, I love you’ from ‘Gnash’ on the radio for the first time I instantly started to love that song. It gave me inspiration to write this poem. What also inspired me is that so many people (my age or even older) are still all about clubbing, drinking and enjoying the nightlife. I never liked that and never did clubbing myself and I never will. It’s just not for me. Sometimes it’s a shame if I meet a very nice person, but he’s all about going out in the weekend. Call me boring, but I just rather stay at home with a good book, hot tea and a bar of chocolate.. haha!


Every single weekend dancing in the club,
high heels, a drink in HER hand, bottoms up.
Hair down, hips swinging and flirting eyes,
HER dress just covers, but the perfect size.
Don’t stop, don’t think, not even for a bit,
as all guys are looking and she’s loving it.

That’s why I hate that I hate that I love you,
because that’s the girl you’re addicted to.
No matter what I do or how hard I try,
all I get back is words which end in a lie.
And still I miss you and I won’t ever leave,
though there is no love for me to receive.

Sometimes I feel lots of anger towards you,
from what you say or from what you do.
Every time something within me dies,
hearing nothing but excuses and lies.
I’m sick of the fact that you are using me,
but I’ll always be in love with you, you see.

For you I will always do everything,
as you are my dream, hero and king.
It is too real and for me that is not fair,
as my lost feelings will forever be there.
There is no possible way to get rid of,
what means I will keep wasting my love.

It’s a high price to pay, the ultimate cost,
as no matter what, my true love will be lost.
Because for you there will never be a cure,
and in no world will I ever be HER.

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One Day

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 00.46.57One day I was, in my opinion, in front of the most beautiful building of Paris: the Sacre Coeur. I was enjoying the last sun rays of this amazing city, as I was omw to the train station to go back home. Paris is the city of love and I can’t agree more as this poem came to me whilst sitting there on the stairs, after having lovely, inspirational days. Nothing inspires me more than going to unfamiliar places by myself. So even though I was completely alone (with another 4574087502 tourists) this poem of love, desire and attraction came to me, right there.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 00.48.12Before reading it, I have to tell you that this isn’t just a normal poem. You can read it in 2 ways. You can just read it from top to bottom, probably making you feel curious and maybe even confused, but hopefully inspired. It’ll all make more sense though, if you read only the first sentences of all the verses. Then after you read only the second sentences of the verses and last but not least, all the third sentences of all the verses. Give it a go..


I hope you will see me.
I hope you will miss me.
I hope you are craving.

See me and desire me.
Miss me when you’re alone.
Craving to touch my lips.

Desire me like nothing else.
Alone or with somebody.
My lips is all you need.

Nothing else will fulfil you.
Somebody or a crowd.
Need them like you need to breathe.

Fulfil you with passion.
A crowd or whoever in this world.
Breathe like you want to taste me.

Passion to cherish.
In this world with only me.
Taste me like you’re hungry.

Cherish my love for you.
Only me to fulfil your dreams.
Hungry like you’re starving.

For you to hold me.
Dreams you want to live.
Starving without me.

Hold me to protect me.
Live so you don’t feel empty.
Without me you’re lost.

Protect me one day.
Empty I felt before.
Lost I’ll be without you.

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Fly Again

wings2This is quite a personal post, as I wrote this poem after I went through a very difficult time. It was very hard being in the middle of it and to eventually find myself again, but I got back stronger than ever. It taught me that you have to be thankful for everything what happens in your life. Positive or negative.
Sometimes there are situations that will build you up just by itself, but sometimes things happen to teach you a lesson and you have to start building yourself. This isn’t bad, this is to reinvent yourself and become the person you know you are. This will give you so much strength for the rest of your life.

One day this poem came to me, just like that, the only thing I had to do is write it down. I did, and things fell into place.

Fly Again

My wings were once broken and teared apart,
burnt with words which reached into my heart.
Not being sure if anything of me was still there,
I slipped away and sunk so deep, so hard to bare.
Could I ever spread them out again without a fall?
It was black so dark and all I felt was one big wall.

But I grope and searched and I found a way,
up high I climbed and the black turned grey.
I fell, I struggled, but I fought for every feeling,
every step was tough, but brought me healing.
Because I faced the feelings that I feared,
it made me climb higher until they all appeared.

I gave them space, smiled and collected them all,
only for love I kept bumping into that same wall.
I worried, felt anxious, desperate and scared,
trying to find it, but in the distance I stared.
No light, no sparks, no grey, only dark, just black,
I didn’t believe I was ever going to find it back.

But one day it just turned up, flying around my ladder,
too far to reach, but close enough to feel it flutter.
I can keep climbing, but soon I’ll reach the top,
realising that for love I have to jump and risk to drop.
I’m longing on the edge, knowing what I want to get,
just not sure if I can trust those delicate wings just yet.

But I want to jump, I want to touch it, for that I long,
because I can’t truly live with fear of what can go wrong.
I want to sing, and dance in the rain without a coat,
so I’ll jump to freedom, but first I’ll gently float.
At least now I feel calm and I’m sure that one day I can,
spread them wide to fully fly with my new wings again.

wings3Did you like my poem? Did you maybe go through a similar struggle? Or do you have any questions.. please leave a comment or if you want, you can always send me a personal message! Thank you! X