Planet Organic

po3Planet Organic.. almost Planet Manel, haha! There are 7 stores throughout London now, but they opened the first store in 1995. I really like the Planet Organic stores. They look amazing and you can just see it’s good food. They also definitely remind me of the Whole Foods Market, it’s very similar. The feeling is a bit different though, as for me Planet Organic is light, simple and the stores just look a bit brighter. Like the name suggest, Planet Organic is all about organic, natural and wholesome food. All their fruit, vegetables, bread and the food cooked in the kitchen is organic. What is amazing of course and I really like it. It does make Planet Organic a little bit expensive for just the po4weekly groceries. It’s definitely a reason why I would like to have a lot of money, haha, so I can buy all my food organic. A dream! I try to buy organic where I can though. As I believe that the organic stuff out there is not necessarily too expensive, but the cheaper products are just too cheap, as cheap stuff is mostly mass production made with less quality products. I also think that if we buy more organic, the price will go slightly down. So let’s vote with our wallet! One of the best thing about Planet Organic is that they sell absolutely nothing containing artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colours, flavours or anything what has to do with GMO. Also they avoid hydrogenated fats in their products.

po2They try to be as sustainable as possible and encourage others to do so as well. For example, you can bring your own container and fill it up with cereals, coffee beans, seeds, nuts and lots more.. Which is so cool! They don’t use plastic bags and they use compostable take-away coffee cup lids. All very sustainable and truly great! Unfortunately this doesn’t mean that it’s all vegan. They are not even vegetarian as they still sell meat. And there is no such thing as sustainable meat.
They do have a large range of very good vegan products and it’s quite heavenly in that way. I really like to wander around and look at all the different products they sell. Read ingredient lists.. I can almost call it a hobby.

Planet Organic gives you the option to shop online, for the very busy people among us. So, basically everybody in London. I’ll recommend you to go to their website and have a look at the things they offer and if you buy for £50 or more the delivery is free. If you rather, just like me, go to one of their beautiful stores to have a look, you can also go to their website to find your nearest store.

Do you already know Planet Organic or are you curious about them now? I would love to hear about your experiences with Planet Organic! You can leave a comment below or show me on Instagram by using #PlanetManel. Thank you! X