Vegan Style Documentaries #2

In my opinion, this one of the best documentaries around at the moment. It’s a very new documentary, as it appeared in 2016. I like ‘Food Choices’, because it’s a very clear and easy to understand documentary and a lot of important aspects are mentioned. It’s about animal cruelty, the environment and also about what a plant-based diet does to your health. It’s like an all in one package. After watching it, you have a very clear idea of what is happening to the world. You will understand that by simply choosing the food on your plate, you can actually make a difference: A difference for the animals and all the unnecessary suffering, A difference for the world we are living in and where the next generation has to grow up in, A difference in your health. If you want to watch the documentary, then go to their website. You can watch it via the website itself or you can order the dvd. Oh and it’s also on Netflix, yay!

This is a really interesting documentary. I’m a big fan of this documentary! It’s all about your health and how the food industries are telling you lies. About that the food industries want us to buy things and how they get us to buy things. They especially talking about sugar and how bad it is for you and how much sugar you’re actually eating/drinking without really realising. It’s shows you that everything is about money and that they don’t care about your health at all. They show you what is wrong with the ‘food’ available nowadays. It also shows you what it does to you and your body, but the best part is, they also show you what happens if you are changing that. A lot of interesting people are talking, a lot of you probably know from other documentaries or tv. If you want to watch this documentary you can go to their website. You can watch it via the website or you can order the dvd. But again.. it’s also on Netflix!

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