Love Boat

boatHappy Valentine’s Day! First of all, I’m actually not that much into Valentine’s Day. It needs some explanation though, because what I mean is that I’m not into this whole hype. The glittery hearts, the big teddy bears (..and in the end you never really know what to do with them) and all the crazy stuff the shops have to offer. For me Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. Isn’t it nice that there is a special day in the year dedicated to love? I think it is! Love is what the world needs, now more than ever before. That doesn’t mean that you will only have to tell your lover and loved ones you love them on the 14th of February. I just think that it’s nice, in honour of love, to tell the people you love, that you do. Send them a card with a nice message or just a simple text message. Just to let them know that on this day of love, they’re the one you’re thinking of.

img_6188And second.. Yes, I’m crazy in love! I’m sure that the ones who follow me on Instagram know. There is no doubt! Hehe.. I feel so lucky to have found my boyfriend. I never met someone before where it feels this right. He’s my soulmate.. and I dare to say that he is the love of my life and I never said that about anybody else. That is quite deep then, isn’t it? We just feel so right, so complete and so meant to be. He is so perfect! We have a lot in common and he then always tells me ‘we’re in the same boat’. What inspired me to write this poem. The words come from the bottom of my heart as I want it to work out with him so much.


We are in the same boat since the day we met,
we don’t know what’s going to happen next yet.
Maybe we will get attacked by monsters of the sea,
but we will fight back until we are worry free.
Maybe we will hit an iceberg and the boat breaks,
but we will always fix it together, whatever it takes.
Maybe we will forget to steer and it gets stuck on a reef,
but we will keep pushing until we sail again, that I believe.

Maybe at one point the boat will go really really fast,
because we forgot to check the weather forecast.
Maybe the boat will slow down for just a little while,
but it will be fine, I’m sure we will make it, mile after mile.
Maybe the boat will meet heavy storms, don’t you think?
but our boat is the best boat there is and it will never sink.
Yes, most of the time it will be stable and gently float,
it’s the safest boat there is, cuz it’s a crazy in love boat.

Happy Valentine’s Day baby! ❤  You’re the love of my life!
X ..your girl!

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