Lost Love

IMG_0019Do you know that feeling when you hear the first 30 seconds of a song and you know it’ll be one of your favourite songs?! When I heard the song ‘I hate you, I love you’ from ‘Gnash’ on the radio for the first time I instantly started to love that song. It gave me inspiration to write this poem. What also inspired me is that so many people (my age or even older) are still all about clubbing, drinking and enjoying the nightlife. I never liked that and never did clubbing myself and I never will. It’s just not for me. Sometimes it’s a shame if I meet a very nice person, but he’s all about going out in the weekend. Call me boring, but I just rather stay at home with a good book, hot tea and a bar of chocolate.. haha!


Every single weekend dancing in the club,
high heels, a drink in HER hand, bottoms up.
Hair down, hips swinging and flirting eyes,
HER dress just covers, but the perfect size.
Don’t stop, don’t think, not even for a bit,
as all guys are looking and she’s loving it.

That’s why I hate that I hate that I love you,
because that’s the girl you’re addicted to.
No matter what I do or how hard I try,
all I get back is words which end in a lie.
And still I miss you and I won’t ever leave,
though there is no love for me to receive.

Sometimes I feel lots of anger towards you,
from what you say or from what you do.
Every time something within me dies,
hearing nothing but excuses and lies.
I’m sick of the fact that you are using me,
but I’ll always be in love with you, you see.

For you I will always do everything,
as you are my dream, hero and king.
It is too real and for me that is not fair,
as my lost feelings will forever be there.
There is no possible way to get rid of,
what means I will keep wasting my love.

It’s a high price to pay, the ultimate cost,
as no matter what, my true love will be lost.
Because for you there will never be a cure,
and in no world will I ever be HER.

Did you like my poem? Would you like to say something about it or do you have any other thoughts? Please let me know in a comment below! Thank you! X