Melon Drink / Ice Lolly

Watermelons are in season, yay! Isn’t it the best? You can use watermelon for so many things. You can blend it and drink it, you can use the juice to make ice lollies or you can just get a spoon and dig in. Watermelon is the best! The people of What a Melon get this and juiced some yummy watermelons to put it in packs, so you can drink it all year around. Watermelon water is super hydrating and has the anti-oxidant lycopene + and the amino acid citruline (your muscles love this!). It’s vert tasty too, 100% natural and all they add is a little squeeze of lemon. A perfect drink to stay cool and hydrated this summer!

Another way to stay cool are these delicious ice lollies from Ice Kitchen. One morning when I went to the park cafe behind my flat, I came across these fruity lollies. There was a sign with explaining which one was vegan too. Unfortunately one of them was labelled as vegan, but had yogurt and honey in them. I told the staff and they took action straight away, what was good. This Raspberry&Mint flavour was vegan though and I obviously needed to try it. It was very tasty, with the real fruit and the sweet taste of raspberries. Normally I don’t like products with mint in it, but it definitely works for this lolly. So I’m happy I tried it. They’re all natural, made with 100% fruit and contain no sugar. I really would like to try the Peach&Hibiscus one too, it looks amazing! They won the Taste Award 2016 and I discovered why!

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Fruit Burst

Ice lollies are just yum and especially when it’s very hot. And it has been very hot here in London already. Summer in London always comes out of the blue I would say. One day it’s cold and rainy, the next day its 30C! I don’t think we can complain though, because it has been a lovely summer so far in my opinion. Though won’t it be nice if you have a healthy treat to cool down on the hot days still to come? You better be prepared now. That’s why I created these yummy and super simple ice lolly recipes everybody can make. You just need a ice lolly mould. There are loads on amazon, but they even have the at IKEA too. Blend some yummy summer fruits and pop them in the freezer. Cheers to summer!


Serves 5

-1/4 medium watermelon (chopped)
-1/4 cup oat cream (Oatly)
-1 tsp agave nectar
-1 banana (chopped)
-1/4 tsp spirulina

-Blend the watermelon and pour them into the mould, just under 2 cm.Put them in the freezer and wait 2 hours.
-Mix the cream with the agave and put about 1,5 cm on top of the watermelon. Put them back in the freezer and wait 2 hours.
-Blend the banana with the spirulina and fill up the mould to the edge. Leave them in the freezer overnight.


Serves 5

-2 mangos (chopped)
-1/4 cup to cream (Oatly)
-1 tsp agave nectar
-4 tbs blueberries
-1 lemon (juice)

-Blend the mangos and the juice of 1 lemon until it’s smooth. Fill the mould halfway.
-Divide the blueberries and put them on the mango puree. Then add the rest of the mango puree, just under 2 cm. Put them in the freezer and wait 2 hours.
-Mix the cream and the agave nectar and fill up the mould to the edge. Leave them in the freezer overnight.

Are you going to make these summer fruit lollies? Please let me know when you’ve tried them. You can do this in a comment below.. or you can show me by tagging me or by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X