Harissa / Butter

Last year I discovered this yummy thing, called Harissa. I make a super easy to make aubergine dish with it. The recipe ‘Keen On Aubergine’ will be shared with all of you soon. I made it for a lot of people already and everybody loves it. Yes people, vegan food is delicious and we do not eat grass, haha! I also discovered Harissa is also very tasty on a sandwich. Just put some cream cheese, houmous or guacamole and with some raw veggies on a sandwich and spread a thin layer of Harissa over it too. I’m sure you will like it. Harissa is quite spicy, but it also has a unique flavour. Unfortunately several brands put sugar in it. This is super unnecessary and I don’t understand why they do this. But Sainsbury’s own brand is cheap, tasty and without any crap. Also, because it’s not very big it’s less likely to go bad. Unless I just got you addicted and you need a bigger jar.

Some people can be quite fussy about butter I noticed. I heard a lot of people struggling finding a nice butter in their vegan transitioning. I’m not fussy at all about this, as long as it’s vegan. Also I don’t use a lot of butter. Though, if I have to pick one, it’s definitely this one! It’s from one of my favourite brands again, Biona. It’s very spreadable (ok, if I have to fuss about butter, than it’s that I want it to spread and not break my sandwich!!) and has a slight coconut oil taste. I love everything with coconut and so this butter is just really my thing. What explains that this is the butter I keep in my fridge, even though I almost never use it. The one thing I use it for mostly, is if I’m snacking on a rice cakes with a slices of Vio life. This is definitely one of my guilty pleasures (of all time). So yummy!

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