Planet Manel’s 1 year Anniversary + GIVEAWAY!

Yay!! Today Planet Manel is 1 year old! Already for a whole year I’ve been writing about my passions. If you follow me for a while already, you know that this is mainly veganism. I love having my blog and I dare to say that I grew a lot in the past year. There were a lot of things that needed to improve and still there are things I work on and I try to improve every time I write something. I want to thank you all for following me, commenting and liking my posts. I really appreciate every one of you and I couldn’t do this if it wasn’t for my readers. Thank you so much!

As you can see, the website changed a little bit. A fresh start for a new year. I hope you like it and that this made it easier to find things. But to really celebrate the 1st anniversary, I created a little Giveaway with some of my personal favourites.

The giveaway:
-Avocado socks
-Peanut butter Nakd bar.
-Banana bread Nakd bar.
-Tony’s Chocolonely (almond/sea salt).
-Lenny & Larry’s cookie (snickerdoodle).
-Heath & Heather tea (green tea and coconut).
-‘Baa Bar’ bubble bar from Lush.

-I mean.. who doesn’t need avocado socks? Definitely great for the avocado-addicts over here! Like me.. I’ve got these sock myself! 
-Nakd bars for the win! These 2 are my favourite flavours, they even taste great together.. haha!
-Tony’s Chocolonely is hard to find here in the UK, but I brought this one especially from Holland. This is definitely the best flavour for sure! Just believe me..
-Just because after that huge work out, you need a treat!
-This green tea in combination with ‘Oatly Foamable’ is heaven! It’s like drinking green tea with coconut milk. Call it a ‘tea colada’!
-This is actually my second favourite bubble bar (Rose Jam is nmbr 1!!), but this one is lovely before you go to sleep. Soak yourself with this soy lavender goodness! Also.. it looks like a pig snout.. so it’s lovely! 

How do you win?!
-Follow my blog (you can enter your email address at the bottom of the website).
-Follow me on Instagram.
-Leave a comment below.

*** On the 1st of April the winner will be announced! (no joke.. haha!)

Thank you again and please enter the giveaway! If you have questions or if you want to send me a message about anything else, please do that via CONTACT. Thank you! X



13129039_1142746512436117_283419995_oOk, the day is finally here! I’m SO excited!! I waited a bit longer as I would normally do, because it was the first Giveaway I did and I wanted it to reach as many people as possible. I would of loved to reach more people then it eventually did, but I’m happy with the 9 people who entered!

To make it as fair as possible(as a lot of people I personally know entered as well) I picked a winner in the most fair way. I made a video of it, you can watch on my Instagram!

The winner of the ‘Personal Favourites Giveaway’ isssss..


I’ll send you a message and make sure the goodies are on their way asap! X

I learned that I need a lot more readers and followers before organising a giveaway. Because it’s much more fun(more work though, haha!) if there are a lot of people who enter! A big thank you for everybody who did! I hope you’ll try again the next time. I already got a new idea in my head..



Personal Favourites GIVEAWAY!

12822910_1107678942609541_505810167_oYEAH! PlanetManel is online! Lets celebrate!

Celebrating means presents! And no, not for me.. but for you! I created this ‘personal favourites giveaway’ especially for you. (worth over £40!)

It was hard to make a selection, as I have so many favourites.. But I think these are really my ultimates!

All these products I totally love. A lot!

– Bobble Bottle. (I use every day)
– EatPrayLove dvd. (I’ve watched it over 50 times and I’ll never get tired of it)
– The Olive Branch shower gel from LUSH. (I use it for my hair, body and even to remove my make up)
– Pukka Love tea. (Lovely brand, lovely tea! I love everything with roses, so why not tea?)
– Vego Chocolate (No words needed)
– Hurraw Coconut lip balm. (This is heaven!)
– ??? Surprise gift. (pssttt.. I use it every morning)

For a chance to win this giveaway:
-Follow my blog.
-Follow me on Instagram.
-Leave a comment below.