Easter treats

IMG_7722Who likes chocolate? Hehe.. silly question! And thank God there are some define vegan brands who do not let us vegans miss out on Easter! Delicious Easter chocolate? Thank you MooFree! MooFree is one of my favourite brands anyway, and I especially like their tiny Bunnycomb bars(which are not only for Easter, but as there is a bunny on the front and it’s so tasty, I thought I put it on). Now I couldn’t be happier to find out they made an Easter egg of it! They definitely have outdone themselves with their Bunnycomb egg. It’s big, crunchy, creamy, yummy and so finished.. Oops! They also have plain eggs though, if you prefer that.

MooFree chocolate is made of rice milk and it’s almost all organic. Besides it’s vegan it’s also non-GMO and gluten free. And because they have their own factories, based in the UK, where they don’t manufacture any milk, gluten or soya it means the MooFree chocolate doesn’t even have traces of any of that. Can I hear a Hallelujah?!
The only thing I would like to see different is their packaging. Though the big Easter eggs are quite alright, the packaging of their bars look a bit cheap. I think if the packaging was a bit more down to earth, people would pay attention to it sooner. And it would match the taste of their really good chocolate, because that what it is.. really good chocolate! It’s even better than dairy chocolate if you ask me. Now do you want to see what else they have? Check the MooFree website!

Now there is also this other fun Easter shaped(bunny) dairy free milk chocolate. And I have to mention that the taste isn’t as good as MooFree chocolate, but it’s ok. It’s from the brand Choices. The brand also has big eggs for easter and some other chocolate choices and a lot of alternatives for white chocolate, but so far I only tried this bunny!

Have you tried any of these chocolates? Are you a big fan of MooFree too? Let’s talk chocolate! (PS: Can you spot me in the picture? Hehe..)


a LUSH Easter

Yeah it’s almost Easter! There are lots of ways to celebrate, but I think whatever Easter means to you, it should definitely mean long lazy mornings, brunch and some you-time. Why not have a little pamper time? Lock yourself up in the bathroom and don’t come out until you feel define. Thanks to the Lush easter products this isn’t that hard! They don’t only make you smile looking at their creative shapes and colours, but they are all vegan. (Oh wait, that just makes you smile even more!)

What do you think of these colourful reusable bubble bar carrots? ‘Bunch of Carrots’ (£6,25)

Or you rather have this bigggg ‘Carrot'(£19,95)?

‘Which came first?’ (£6,95) Who cares.. slide in and let all your worldly worries go with this huge pink bath bomb!

Ok, some look a bit like they have been run over by a big truck(which I agree on isn’t very vegan), but not to worry.. ‘Tweet’ (£3,45) is a deliciously smelling bubble bar!

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 23.13.13
The only egg you can use this easter(or ever) is this special ‘Golden Egg’ (£3,95) which will turn you into a sparkly easter egg yourself! What more do you want..

You can order all these products online(delivery is normally within 3-5 working days or you can choose for next day delivery) on the LUSH website, or what is maybe even more exciting as going to Lush is always a treat on its own, you can go and get it yourself!

Did you use some lovely Lush Easter products? Please let me know or show me via Instagram by using #PlanetManel !