Delicious vs Healthy

IMG_8138Now actually both recipes today are delicious and healthy! Just one has an endless list of health benefits and the other one is sweet and heavenly..

‘The Green Smile’ contains fresh ginger, spirulina, linseed and raw spinach.
Ginger is one of my favourite healthy foods. It’s known for it’s amazing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Great to prevent colds and illness, but it’s also a great remedy against nausea and pains.
Though I’m not a big fan of the term ‘superfood’, spirulina is a true superfood! Every 10 gram contains 30 times more iron than spinach and 4 times more protein than eggs. Also, each gram contains all the essential amino acids and if that isn’t enough, it’s also a good source of fibre.
Now linseed is a natural source of Omega-3 and works really well for your digestive system.
Raw spinach is full of vitamin C, good for your immune system and even skin wrinkling. And just like other dark green leafy veggies it also contains vitamin K, which is essential as it assists the transport of calcium throughout your body, key for strong and healthy bones.
Now you probably understand that I start most mornings with a ‘Green Smile’ and why I drink it a lot when I’m on a detox, as it supports your digestive system, it’s full of iron, protein, antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamins and lots more! If that is not worth smiling for..

12476873_1119013778142724_1986207361_oThe Green Smile

100 ml coconut water
150 ml 100% orange juice
1/2 Lemon (juice)
ginger (1/2 thumb size)
1 hand full of spinach
1 ripe banana
1 tbsp flaxseed
1/2 tsp spirulina

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until completely smooth.

Now of course the ‘Euphoric Summer’ has some amazing benefits too! I like to drink it as a snack(a real treat!) or sometimes as a second breakfast. Yum!
It’s very sweet and fruity as it contains, orange juice, mango and strawberries. What not only means it’s loaded with vitamin C, but did you know that research has shown that the antioxidant in mango can protect against several cancers?
I used mint in this recipe as it gives a nice fresh taste, like summer! But fresh mint also promotes a good digestion and can sooth a sore stomach.
And last but not least: Chia seed. Which is the highest combined plant source of Omega-3, protein and fibre. All goodness!

IMG_8109Euphoric Summer

150ml orange juice
1/3 cucumber (peeled)
1/2 mango
6 big strawberries
6 mint leafs
1 tbsp chia seed

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until completely smooth.

Are you a big smoothie fan? Are you going to make both or one of these recipes? Please let me know, or even better, show me using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you!

Foolish Chocolate Mousse

12914801_1119013768142725_191588096_oAs it’s ‘April Fools Day’ today I thought it’ll be nice to trick the body a little bit. We’re going to make it believe it’s eating chocolate, but the truth is that it’ll be eating a mousse packed with potassium and other minerals and vitamins. Does that sound good? Then here we go..

Serves: 2

1 (medium) avocado
1 ripe banana
8-10 dates
2 tbsp (coconut) water
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp chia seed (soak 10 min in 2 tbsp water)

Blend all the ingredients until perfectly smooth. Divide into 2 little bowls or glasses, decorate with fresh berries and put it in the fridge for 2 hours.

IMG_8136Did you make this recipe? I would love to hear it or even better, see it! You can share a picture on Instagram, use #PlanetManel so I can see it. Thank you!

The Detox Kitchen

DSCF1206So about ‘The Detox Kitchen’. This is not just a lovely place to have lunch. ‘The Detox Kitchen’ has a lot more to offer. To start with, they have a service available that delivers all the food you need in a day(breakfast, lunch, dinner, juice and snacks) fresh at your door on the days chosen by you. How amazing is that? The vegan package is £28,90 per day and you can order from the website.
Then they also have a deli at Kingly Street, but I would like to tell you about the very recently opened deli at Mortimer Street. Which is very surprisingly not only a deli, but there is also a studio under the restaurant where they offer a lot of lovely classes such as yoga, pilates, barre, ballet and high intensity training classes. If you’re interested you can sign up on the website.
DSCF1215And if this all isn’t enough, ‘The Detox Kitchen’ also has a cookbook: The Detox Kitchen Bible. A book with a beautiful cover and 200 recipes! They are not all vegan, but what I do like is that the book describes how you can use the recipes to target your health needs.



But back to the deli. They opened in the very beginning of this year and I’m so happy they did. Walking in directly gives me a light feeling as it’s such a bright place, with high ceilings and neutral colours, plus the not possible to miss eye catcher: the green plant wall right at the entrance. Love it! You’re asked to find a seat first, but then you can order away! Though not everything is vegan, it is all dairy free. Plus their dishes are also free from wheat and sugar. When it comes to quality and sustainability they choose their suppliers with care. Where possible they use locally grown ingredients, what I think is very great!

DSCF1220I like that the concept is very easy. You can choose a size and then choose anything you like from all the beautiful, colourful (mostly vegan) dishes right in front of you. Then if you want you can add something on top if you like. This is unfortunately mostly non vegan, but there is a delicious aubergine option. Anyway, this isn’t necessary as the dishes where you can choose from are filling and nutritious enough.
They have a range of delicious juices, smoothies and hot drinks and they are all truly amazing, but every table also has a bottle of water (with fresh mint and lemon) available, which I really like.
Now about the fantastic food! You can see and taste it’s fresh. All the vegetables still have a nice bite and the flavours are simple, but exactly for that reason very much enjoyable.
DSCF1227And if there is still room for dessert, then there is a very tasty chocolate, coconut brownie with goji berries you have to try!

Do you know The Detox Kitchen? Or are you now desperate to go? Let me know what you think of this bright and trendy restaurant!