Being Grateful

IMG_3589There are people in this world who always find something what annoys them or what isn’t good or what could have been better. I don’t have to tell you that negative people like that drain your energy. I personally can’t be with those people for very long, because I start to feel uncomfortable. I don’t know how the respond anymore after a while and also it makes me feel mentally tired.
Wouldn’t it be so nice if everybody would see the positive things in life rather than the negative? I think if everybody would pay a little bit more attention to the things that make you happy there will be a huge change in the world. Nowadays people are focused so much on success, power and money. They are all in a rush to climb to the top, focusing on their career, make and spend money, show other people how good they are and how great their lifestyle is. Is this really important? Does this IMG_9470make you happy? I think we should focus on all the things what really makes us happy. In my opinion those things which are most close to you and they’re often the little things. When was the last time you felt really happy and you took a moment to think about it and be grateful?! I think it’s a good idea, after you finished reading this, to write down all the things you’re grateful for. You can make the list as long as you want. You can keep it short or you can explain why you are grateful for the things you wrote down. I think this is a very good exercise to make you realise what you have. It could even be helpful in a time you need some positivity, but you find it hard to come up with things because you feel so down. Just read all the things you wrote down and take a moment to be grateful. To help you understand what I mean, I will share a few of the things I’m grateful for:

IMG_4285– My health. My body has it’s problems, but overall I’m healthy. Even though I got some health problems, I always try to focus on the things I can do. I’m grateful for being alive.
– My family & friends. I have such a lovely family. The bond between me and my parents is very strong and so is the bond between me and my brother, sister, nephew and niece. There is so much love. I do not have a lot of friends, just because I prefer it that way. But the ones I have, I love so dearly! I’d do anything for the ones I love and I’m grateful I have people in my life who make me feel like this.
– My creativity. I love drawing, writing, fixing, creating, designing and it calms me staring at a blank piece of paper in front of me, knowing that I can create whatever I want. Such a feeling of freedom. I’m grateful that I can feel this and that I am able to make and create the things I want to.
IMG_0696– My sensitivity. I must admit that this is both a blessing and a curse. Though I mostly like to see it as a blessing. I feel things very deeply, I sense things very quickly and my love is very strong. I would’t want to live in any other way and in a way it even makes me feel proud. It makes me a very passionate person, what can only be a good thing.
– Being alone. I’m very good alone. I do everything alone. I am grateful that I’m never fed up with myself, but always happy to be with my own thoughts. I’ve never been bored in my life, because I always have me.
– Being vegan. It makes me very happy that I’m vegan. I’m so grateful that I can feel compassion and that it’s so easy for me to be vegan because of that.
bigben– London. I love London. I love my flat and I’m so grateful that I live in this amazing city, where I feel so very much at home. Wherever I am in the world, I always feel euphoric whenever I’m back.
– I’m also very grateful for all the things around me. Animals and nature. I’m grateful that I can see the good in every animal. That they calm me and make me smile. I love the way they respect nature, it’s something we humans can learn from. Nature is beautiful. The bumblebee who zooms from flower to flower. The beautiful coloured leafs making their way to the ground on an autumn day. The refreshing raindrops on my skin. The silence in the middle of a field full of flowers. The first early morning sun rays coming through the window. I can go on and on.. 

IMG_4203This all doesn’t mean that you can never have a little complaining once in a while, because that can also feel as a relief sometimes. Just make sure that, wherever you go and whatever happens, you also keep seeing the great things around you. Or if you’re in a very bad situation, remember the good things. Think of all the things that make you happy. It could be a family holiday.. the inspiring feeling you had after watching this amazing movie.. the time you and your best friend had the best day ever.. that satisfying feeling you get when you wake up and you realise the love of your life is sleeping next to you.. or that time you climbed that mountain and enjoyed the silence when you made it to the top, feeling proud of yourself. Be grateful.. Being grateful opens your heart!

Are you somebody who takes a moment to be grateful for the things you have? Or are you going to do this exercise? Please let me know if it helped you realising how lucky you are. You can comment below or show me on Instagram by using #PlanetManel. Thank you! X


Big Magic

13062718_1139175209459914_562753103_oMy favourite favourite movie is Eat Pray Love!! And yes.. it’s also my favourite book! So that’s how I also start to love the writer, Elizabeth Gilbert. When BigMagic was released I was very excited about it, as I loved the topic. I’ve always been very creative, but this is going a step further than just being creative, it’s how you live creative. Very interesting.

BigMagic is about courage. To take a step in the direction of what you want to have or accomplish. There is something hidden inside everybody, but you have to dare to do something with it.
BigMagic is about ideas. Elizabeth describes ideas as something that lives. That an idea can come to you, but if you don’t do anything with it, the idea will go away and find someone else. I love this. Because I experience this as well. Sometimes I can be so excited, over excited(!), about something what just popped into my head and the idea is growing every second, until it’s like a plan. But then.. there is always something why I can’t do it (yet). So I don’t, or I tell myself I’ll do it when I have this or finished that. But then after a while the idea doesn’t seem that good anymore. The idea went away, to find someone who isn’t ‘looking’ for obstacles.
13054384_1139175199459915_715009088_oBigMagic is about confidence. In yourself. There is always fear around the corner, which is a good thing, but it shouldn’t lead the way. Elizabeth describes it so beautiful and lively.
BigMagic is about having fun in your life. I love the way she explains how you shouldn’t expect your creativity to take care of you, but you should take care of it. You should actually only enjoy your work. Maybe it’ll lead you somewhere, but maybe not. Just don’t lose the joy you get from it as that’s where it’s about in life.
BigMagic is about never giving up. Never give up on yourself or on your ideas and qualities.
Big Magic is about.. so much more! I really recommend this book. Especially when you’re about to take a step towards creative living, by starting a business, or by trying a new hobby. Or maybe you feel you’re stuck in what you want in life. BigMagic might just give you this little extra push to do it or to change something!

13091760_1139175189459916_2060119720_oI really liked reading it. I start reading it just before I started this blog. I was a bit nervous about it and even though I worked on it for quite a while, I did have a whole list of things in my head about what could go wrong. I ignored it mostly and kept going, and BigMagic definitely gave me this extra bit of confidence, that I should just do it.. and enjoy it! And that’s exactly what I’m doing now. I might not have thousands of readers, but I love having my blog, to work on it and to explore. And that’s how I see it now. Thank you BigMagic, thank you Elizabeth Gilbert!

Did you read BigMagic already? Or are you planning to after reading this post? Please let me know in the comments or by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X