iUVO – Body Butter Cream

I’m always a little anxious to put something on my skin. Especially my face. The skin on my face has always been trouble since the start of my puberty. Though it has improved since going vegan, it’s far from normal. I used several creams and the last few years I used coconut oil. This worked best so far. My skin is less oily (how ironic) and more smooth when I use it. Though, when I was at the vegan festival in Kensington the beginning of April, I came across iUVO. They were promoting their cream and beauty products there and asked if I wanted to try some. I instantly liked the way it felt on my skin. It makes your skin feel smooth and the scent is natural, but still quite neutral. The first jar isn’t finished yet, but I already bought a second one at the festival in Brighton. It’s such a lovely cream. I use it on my face before I go to bed, but it also really helped me with my dry hands. When it’s a little cold (we don’t really have that problem at the moment, do we..) in combination of washing my hands a thousand times a day, my hand get dry. I only have to use the cream once and my hand are soft for very long. Something what I find important with a cream is that it’s quickly absorbent. Nothing annoys me more than being sticky of cream the whole time. With the iUVO Body Butter Cream it’s not like that. Though you do have to make sure you’re not using too much. You really only need a little bit of the lovely organic ingredients to nourish your skin. I’m loving it!

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