BOOK: Sensation by Isabel Losada – a tribute to the clitoris

A while ago I needed a place to sleep in London. It’s funny how I suddenly don’t have a place to sleep anymore in this lovely city, after living there for 5 years. So I had a look at AirBnB and I found Isabel, who didn’t allow animals to be eaten in her house. That was like music to my ears and so I booked her room. She turned out to be lovely. She told me she is an author and I always love this as I love writing myself. She wrote several books already, but her newest one was ‘Sensation’. I wanted to support her and so I decided to buy her book. On the front it said ‘Adventures in sex, love and laughter’. Definitely something I’m interested in, I mean, who isn’t? And so it happened that I started to read..

So where do I start.. first of all, I think that this book is very easy to read. Isabel writes in a very easy-going way, almost as if she’s telling you this all in a face to face conversation. I like that. The real reason I wanted to write a review about this book, as it has nothing much to do with veganism per say (apart from that Isabel herself is vegan!), is that I think every woman should read this book. At least every woman, because I’d also recommend it to men, the ones that respect their woman and want to please her in the best way possible. Even though the ways that are described in this book aren’t your thing. Even though some of the things will surprise (or even shock) you. I’m sure you can get something out of this book that is helpful. For example, I think that every woman will appreciate her body more after reading this. I think that a lot of woman don’t know their own body very well or they don’t dare to speak up about what they like. What is such a shame, because your body is capable of so much. This book is a journey of discovering your needs, in some cases your self-worth and for some it might simply be the start of the journey to find their clitoris (or for men finding their partners.. very important!). Because yes, if you don’t know where it is.. definitely go exploring!

Personally I hate the taboo around sex. I’m always very open (minded) about it and not embarrassed to talk about it at all. This book is the perfect book to break that silly taboo. I’m sure that (almost?) everybody loves sex and is having sex, so why not be open about it? I don’t mean that you should have sex with a 100 different partners or that you should tell everybody all the details of your sex life. I mean that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to want pleasure. It’s a human right and it gives joy. Speak up about it.. especially and most importantly, to your partner!

Get your copy of ‘Sensation’ by clicking HERE! (PS: Great Xmas present!!)

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The Miracle Morning

img_6995Last year I discovered the book called, ‘The Miracle Morning. I discovered it via a Dutch blog I follow, called ‘De Groene Meisjes’. One of my favourite Dutch blogs to follow. Merel, the writer of ‘De Groene Meisjes’ was talking about ‘The Miracle Morning’ a lot and I checked it out as I really need a miracle every morning. My whole life I’ve struggled to get up from my bed. It’s one of my biggest struggles in life I must say. I always wake up exhausted and I don’t care about all my good intentions I set the day before. I do love getting up early and start my day fresh and be productive. I can’t (or actually I just don’t) force myself out of bed, I will easily stay in bed until 10:00 or longer. I feel good when I wake up then, without an alarm. Naturally though, I always wake up around 8:30. I don’t know why that is, but mostly I wake up rested around that time. I can just easily go back to sleep too. I have no trouble sleeping at alllll.. haha! This sleeping until the morning is almost or sometimes even finished completely (oops!) is something what obviously happens on my days off. For work or other appointments I’m always on time. So why can’t I be on time for ‘an appointment with myself’?

mmI read ‘The Miracle Morning’ within 3 days. I was fascinated by it and very inspired. I love this book! It’s about a system to get you out of bed and to start your day fresh, with good intentions and to be more productive. Sounds great, isn’t it? First of all it gives you a solution to get out of bed and to wake up properly. A ‘Snooze-proof wake up strategy’. I so need that, I’m a snooze-Queen fore sure.. haha! Then, when you have woken up, you will use S.A.V.E.R.S: silence, affirmations, visualisation, exercise, reading, scribing. It works really well and you can actually make these steps as long or short as you want. Or leave some out, in case something is really not your thing. Though I’d encourage to at least try all the steps for the first 2 weeks.

I did start my miracle mornings straight away, on my second day of reading. I read the last part of the book, in the morning at ‘reading time’. I must say it’s a good system and the best part is, you can fill it in the way you want. You can fill it in, the way it works for you. I did that and I did ‘The Miracle Morning’ for a few weeks, 6 days a week. I really liked it, but then when I went to Holland I got a bit more easy-going and kind of lost track. Nowadays I still do it, but on occasion. If I’m very busy and I need to have a lot done for example. That feels good! I learned a lot from it and I’m very happy that I discovered this book.

Do you also always struggle to wake up and  get out of bed and especially when you have a day off? Did you read The Miracle Morning already? Or are you planning to after reading this post? Please let me know in the comments or by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X

Big Magic

13062718_1139175209459914_562753103_oMy favourite favourite movie is Eat Pray Love!! And yes.. it’s also my favourite book! So that’s how I also start to love the writer, Elizabeth Gilbert. When BigMagic was released I was very excited about it, as I loved the topic. I’ve always been very creative, but this is going a step further than just being creative, it’s how you live creative. Very interesting.

BigMagic is about courage. To take a step in the direction of what you want to have or accomplish. There is something hidden inside everybody, but you have to dare to do something with it.
BigMagic is about ideas. Elizabeth describes ideas as something that lives. That an idea can come to you, but if you don’t do anything with it, the idea will go away and find someone else. I love this. Because I experience this as well. Sometimes I can be so excited, over excited(!), about something what just popped into my head and the idea is growing every second, until it’s like a plan. But then.. there is always something why I can’t do it (yet). So I don’t, or I tell myself I’ll do it when I have this or finished that. But then after a while the idea doesn’t seem that good anymore. The idea went away, to find someone who isn’t ‘looking’ for obstacles.
13054384_1139175199459915_715009088_oBigMagic is about confidence. In yourself. There is always fear around the corner, which is a good thing, but it shouldn’t lead the way. Elizabeth describes it so beautiful and lively.
BigMagic is about having fun in your life. I love the way she explains how you shouldn’t expect your creativity to take care of you, but you should take care of it. You should actually only enjoy your work. Maybe it’ll lead you somewhere, but maybe not. Just don’t lose the joy you get from it as that’s where it’s about in life.
BigMagic is about never giving up. Never give up on yourself or on your ideas and qualities.
Big Magic is about.. so much more! I really recommend this book. Especially when you’re about to take a step towards creative living, by starting a business, or by trying a new hobby. Or maybe you feel you’re stuck in what you want in life. BigMagic might just give you this little extra push to do it or to change something!

13091760_1139175189459916_2060119720_oI really liked reading it. I start reading it just before I started this blog. I was a bit nervous about it and even though I worked on it for quite a while, I did have a whole list of things in my head about what could go wrong. I ignored it mostly and kept going, and BigMagic definitely gave me this extra bit of confidence, that I should just do it.. and enjoy it! And that’s exactly what I’m doing now. I might not have thousands of readers, but I love having my blog, to work on it and to explore. And that’s how I see it now. Thank you BigMagic, thank you Elizabeth Gilbert!

Did you read BigMagic already? Or are you planning to after reading this post? Please let me know in the comments or by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X