Beauty Barlour – naked

A while ago I was asked to test and review the skin mousse from ‘Beauty Barlour’. I was allowed to pick a flavour and then I’d receive the product in December. I was having a little break around Christmas, so that’s why I’ll be telling you about it today.

img_5048-3There are 5 flavours: Wild Orange, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender and Naked. Out of these 5, I picked ‘Naked’. It means that there is no added flavour and I could test the product being as raw as possible. The first thing I thought when I was holding the jar in my hands, was: ‘Wohw! I really like it’. I like that it’s black with modern white letters, but most of all, I really like that it’s made out of glass (apart from the lid). It means that the mousse will not be affected and it’s also much better for the environment. When I opened it, I thought the mousse looked very appealing, with its vanilla colour and mousse structure. You just want to put your fingers in there. Now the smell. I must be honest and tell you that I’m not a big fan of the smell. As it’s the naked version I was expecting a very neutral smell, but it’s quite strong in my opinion. It does smell very natural though and I’d say it mostly smells like shea butter. I do really like the structure. It’s quite a thick mousse, but it melts easily. It mostly reminds me of soft butter.

img_5044-3I tested it on a few areas of my body. My hands, my legs and my elbows. I recommend you to take a warm shower first, to make sure your pores are open and your skin is warm. This way the mousse will melt on your skin and hydrate the dry areas extra well. Also, you only have to use a little bit as the warmth of your skin makes that you can spread the mousse easily. It does take quite a while for the mousse to be absorbed by your skin and your skin is oily for quite a bit. Though once it was absorbed, my skin felt really nice. I could definitely notice a difference. My legs are always a little dry form shaving and stuff, my hands are always very dry in the winter months and elbows are always a bit rough, isn’t it? I could see my skin looking healthier and it felt very soft and hydrated. I think if you would use this mousse even once a week, it would make a difference.

img_5029-3Overall I think it’s a very nice product. I love that most ingredients are organic (cold-pressed), that it’s so natural and 100% vegan. If you have a very dry skin I’d definitely recommend it. In the winter my skin is always a lot dryer (especially my hands) and I think this mousse is really helping with that. If you’d like this lovely product for yourself, CLICK HERE.

Can your skin use some extra care this winter? Are you excited to try this? Please let me know when you are! I’d love to hear your opinion and for you to share your experience. You can leave a comment below, but you can also tag me or use #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X