Pichi is a brand new cafe in a very new building. The building was build and finished whilst I walked past it every day and so I saw a lot of the proces. The cafe was one of the first businesses in the building. It used to be Union Canal Cafe, but recently it changed to’ Pichi Bar&Cafe’. When you come inside you actually first want to look around you. There are so many things to see. There are a lot of plants (incl. a beautiful cactus in the back) and fresh flowers everywhere. It’s really different from any other bar or cafe I know. They have an open kitchen, so you can see where the things are made. The ceilings are high and there is an easy going vibe.

Coming inside you have a big bard of food in front of you. Sandwiches, snacks, cakes.. and there is a sign above the bar with further things you can order. They have quite a lot of vegan options. There is a vegan sandwich, with avocado, humous, tomato and rucola, wat looked very fresh and yummy. You can also get toast with jam, peanut butter or marmite (or make a combination). You can go for porridge, like I did. You can choose out of 4 (!) different types of milk: oat, almond, soy and coconut. I went for the soy and I got asked if I like some maple syrup on there too. Yes please! It came in a perfect portion, with blueberries and goji berries. It was delicious and pretty perfect. If you want to just go for a latte and a snack, they have lots of things for that too. You can choose between a matcha latte (what I ordered and it was very yummy! Could have been a little hotter maybe, but the taste was delicious), a turmeric latte and a beetroot latte. Again you can choose with what type of milk you want it. As a snack you can go for the energy balls or you can get something pre-packed. They cell the crispy veg and fruit from Emily or the coconut curls from Ape.

The cafe is located in a what unusual place, as it’s not near a shopping street or any shops at all. There is the Sainsbury’s XL across the road and a Anytime gym, but that’s it. It’s right next to the busstop. Bus 23, 52, 228 and 452 will stop there. It has the name in big colourful and playful letters on the front windows (seriously, you’re not be able to miss it!). It’s a very big cafe with a very obvious model bohemian style. I like it a lot. There are several  big long wooden tables, a bench with tables, a sofa with chairs and some lose tables and chairs. You can basically sit from whatever you prefer. Because it’s so light and big it’s a perfect working spot. It’s not very far from me, so I’m sure I’ll make use of it. You can also sit outside, what is perfect when it’s a lovely sunny day.

WHO? Pichi Cafe&Bar.
WHERE? 332 Ladbroke Grove, W10 5AH.
CUISINE? Diverse.
VEGAN? No! (omni)
OVERALL? 8 (Love the space and style and quite a lot of vegan options.)

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Candy bar / VegiDeli pizza’s

img_7513CANDY BAR
Ok, if they were allowed, they probably would have name it Vegan Snicker, because that is what it is. Jokerz candy bars are exactly like Snickers. There is a difference though and that is, that it tastes even better than a real Snicker. I don’t think the package looks that appealing and attractive, but I’m happy I discovered them. It’s also nice to give it to non vegans, to show them that everything they van eat, we can eat vegan. Haha! My brother who is not vegan, really likes them too and I think everybody I gave them to, likes them. They say ‘nothing artificial’ and ‘no trans fats’, but that doesn’t make it healthy unfortunately. They’re definitely healthier than original Snickers. And you know.. once in a while, you can treat yourself, isn’t it?! I always buy them at Portobello Wholefoods, but I never seen them anywhere else. I’m sure you can order them online though, so get your hand on these!

A thing I kind of miss, is frozen pizza’s you can put in the oven at home. All the frozen pizza’s in the supermarket have meat or cheese on them. It would make such a difference to have a good pizza for vegans. I’m sure a lot of vegans agree with me here. A while ago I saw some advertisement for the V Bites pizza’s at Ocado (online supermarket) and I was very excited to try them. I didn’t  know they existed, but I ordered them straight away. My first thought was that they’re small, haha! I expected normal size pizza’s, img_2325but these are half of it. I ordered the 3 flavours, I tried them all 3 and they’re ok. They’re not amazing, but the base gets crispy in the oven and the cheese melts quite nicely. I missed vegetables though and more taste. That taste that you feel like you could eat another one. Out of the 3, I liked the ‘Cheezly & Tomato’ the best and I think if you put some mushrooms on it yourself, they will be a lot tastier. It was a nice try, but I don’t think I’ll get them again soon. Later I discovered you can also get them at Holland&Barret btw. Try them if you think you’ll like them.

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