Unroasted Almond Milk / Coconut curls

Almond milk is one of the best plant-based milks I think. One of the healthiest for sure, if you get a non-sugar one. I tested a lot of plant-based milks and what I like to use for what. I don’t like almond milk in my tea, but I think it’s great for porridge, cereals, smoothies and hot chocolates. I always bought the Alpro roasted almond milk for that, I did like the taste, but quite recently they came with a new one: Unroasted! It’s so much better. It really tastes like raw almonds and it gives a little extra to your hot chocolate, yum! I’m happy they came with this, I think it must be a little healthier too. So if you’re not into ‘milking the almonds’, I think this is a good alternative. Give it a try!

Last time when I was in the Whole Foods Market I saw these Ape coconut curls snack bags. Everything what says ‘coconut’ is interesting I think, because I’m in love with coconuts! I looked them up and I liked the story of how it came on the market. If you want to read about it, go to their website. Later when I was at Planet Organic they were on discount and so I bought one. They also have a peppery flavour (what is an interesting combination I think, I should try those too), but I went for the salted chocolate version (of course). First of all, I like the design of the bags, it makes you want to try them. Second.. it’s deeeeelicious!! You have to try this! Just do!

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