What I eat in a Day! #2

img_6434For this ‘What I eat in a Day’ I chose a random work day. I was a little late this day, so at home I only had about half a litre of water and an apple on the way. I did make some porridge at work around 9:00, with soy milk, blueberries, 1 tbs of peanut butter and cinnamon. Very yummy! Lately I’ve been eating porridge a little more often, because it just keeps me going for so much longer. What is handy on days I have activities planned in the morning. Like that day. When it’s around 11:00 I do get hungry again though and what I then do is eat an apple. Apples give me a full feeling for about half an hour and then make me very hungry. Perfect, because I like to be hungry for lunch.

img_3598The evening before, my amazing boyfriend made some delicious vegetable soup and I took it to work for lunch. I had it at 13:00, with some bread. It love dipping bread in soup. I can eat soup and bread every day, haha! Especially when my boyfriend makes it. Then in the afternoon I do eat some more fruit. I ate a banana and a pear. As the afternoon was a little busy I wasn’t thinking about food too much and before I knew it, it was dinner time.
Also from the day before, I had some left over aubergine curry. I made this super tasty recipe ‘Keen on Aubergine’ for you guys (it will come online soon) and there was a whole portion left. I had it with rice the day before and so today I decided to see if it’ll taste good with gnocchi too. It did taste good with gnocchi! Yum, what a lovely dinner!

Also during the day I drunk 3 cups of tea, what is 2 cups less than I normally drink. I just didn’t have time. I drunk 2 cups of detox tea and 1 chai latte (recipe) before bed time. I also drunk 1,5 l of water.

Do you eat similar to me? Or do you have a whole different routine? I’d love to hear about it. Please let me know in the comments below or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


Fridgecurious #3

img_6869This fridgecurious we are taking a look in the fridge of my cousin Mandy and her boyfriend Sven. What is so nice, is that it’s Mandy’s birthday today, yay! Happy Birthday! What is even nicer, Mandy is vegan since October 2016. Before she went vegan she was already vegetarian for 10 years. In the beginning of the transition she found it was quite a lot to take in and to learn and read about veganism, but it’s going very well now and she feels very good! I’m so proud of her that she took this step, as we are the only vegans in our family. Her boyfriend is still omni and so I thought it was interesting to see how they make this work. They both work full time and that’s why they go grocery shopping once a week. This works much better than getting bits and bobs every day. They rotate between 4 supermarkets, but most of it they get at the Dutch supermarket ‘Jumbo’. They only sometimes go to ‘Eko Plaza’ (health supermarket) or the Vegan Supermarket to get some special things. Because the 2nd of March they will move to the city Groningen, going to these supermarkets will probably increase as they will be much closer by then.

img_6868On the top shelf of the fridge she keeps all the spreads and sauces. There is a very nice plant-based herb-butter she gets at her local supermarket. They both like spicy food, so there is also a bottle of ‘sambal’, but the thing she is most happy with, is the plant-based mayonnaise from ‘Remia’. She has a jar and a bottle of this. She displayed the bottle in the front of the fridge, especially for the picture, haha.. I love it! The love for mayonnaise is so Dutch, I love it myself and I have to watch out I don’t eat too much of it. She likes to eat it with fries (yum!) and toasties and mix it up a bit with ketchup. I totally get this! Sven likes to drink sparkly water with a light flavour, so that’s what you see on the next shelf. You can also see bell peppers, carrots and cherry tomatoes. They eat a lot of vegetables and Mandy often takes cherry tomatoes and cucumber to work. In the left drawer you can see a package from the ‘vegetarische slager’ (vegetarian butcher) with ‘gehacktbal’, this is not vegan, but vegetarian. img_6870This is for Sven. He still eats a little meat now and then, but a lot of times he eats the same as Mandy or he goes for a vegetarian meal. They respect and take each others food choices into consideration. This is how they make it work and it makes them feel good. I do think that Sven deserves a compliment though! In the fridge door you can see a lot of Alpro products: butter, milk (Soy, Rice, Almond and she especially likes the Cashew) and yogurt. She likes to mix up the flavoured ones with the plain. Every morning she has breakfast with this yogurt, adding some oats and dried fruit. All the way in the top, you can see ‘Wilmersburger’ cheese. This is vegan cheese and super delicious. They use it to make toasties and often Sven eats toasties with this cheese too. They like the ‘Wilmersburger – würzig’ best.

I want to thank Mandy and Sven to share their fridge with us and to tell us how they make it work being a vegan and an omni, living in the same house.

I hope this inspired you and if it did, please let me know in the comments! If you also like to show your fridge, please send me a message via CONTACT! Thank you! X

Have a Lush Xmas!

img_3280Did you do all your Christmas shopping yet? I just finished last week. What means that there is one thing to stress less about, haha! I love getting presents for everybody though, it just takes quite a lot of time before you found something the person really likes and when you have to get presents for 15 people (like me), it’s wise to start early. I luckily did. I started in October, yes really! Whenever I get presents it’s quite obvious that there are some Lush products involved. This year it’s no different, because, getting something from Lush is always a pleasure, am I right? Lush has so many nice things and when it comes to Christmas they even have more things to choose from. In case you’re not finished your Christmas shopping yet and you need some inspiration I made a list of Lush it’s most wonderful Christmas products! You can add a bath bomb to anything you already bought.. or when you’re getting something for the bigger Lush fanatics, there are great looking Christmas hampers with lots of goodies, in any price range. You still have some time to head to one of the amazing smelling Lush stores to get your things, but if you’re too busy or you live somewhere without a Lush nearby, you can always order their products of their website!


JOLLY HOLLYDAYS – 200 gr ‘Fizzbanger’ bath bomb / 100 gr ‘Bubbly’ shower gel / 100 gr ‘The Christmas Penguin’ bubble bar / 100 gr ‘Lord of Misrule‘ shower cream / 190 gr ‘Satsuma’ bath bomb / 120 gr ‘Fireside’ soap – £29,95


LITTLE SNOW FAIRY – 100 gr ‘Snow Fairy’ shower gel / 100 gr ‘Snow Fairy’ fun – £9,95


MERRY CHRISTMAS – 200 gr ‘Golden Wonder’ bath bomb / 100 gr ‘Snow Angel’ bath melt / 200 gr ‘Shoot for the Stars’ bath bomb / 200 gr ‘So White’ bath bomb – £ 19,95


RUDY – 90 gr ‘Butterbal’ bath bomb / 200 gr ‘Shoot for the Stars’ bath bomb – £11,95


NOEL – 100 gr ‘Lord of Misrule’ shower cream / 180 gr ‘Papa Noël’ face wash jelly / 55 gr ‘Smuggler’s Soul’ shampoo bar / 120 gr ‘Fireside’ soap – £28,95


JOY TO THE WORLD – 45 gr ‘Dream Cream’ body lotion / 120 gr ‘Santa’s Postbox’ soap – £9,95


CHRISTMAS BATHTIME FAVOURITES – 200 gr ‘Golden Wonder’ bath bomb / 90 gr ‘Star Dust’ bath bomb / 200 gr ‘Shoot for the Stars’ bath bomb / 180 gr ‘Northern Lights’ bath bomb / 200 gr ‘Mistletoe’ bath bomb / 200 gr ‘Luxury Lush Pod’ bath bomb / 75 gr ‘Butterbear’ bath bomb / 200 gr ‘Father Christmas’ bath bomb / 190 gr ‘Satsuma‘ bath bomb – £39,95

img_3278Of course you don’t need to give everything away.. because you obviously need some things yourself to get Christmas-ready. The day before Christmas.. take a nice hot bath with ‘Golden Wonder’, a ‘Rosy Cheeks’ facial mask in the meantime and cover yourself with ‘Ro’s Argan’ after. Use your favourite shampoo bar to make your hair look amazing and get your red nail polish ready. You’ll feel so festive and I’m sure you can handle anything Christmas throws at you.. like roasted veggies, stuffed sweet potato and cinnamon rolls! (..recipes which will come soon!)

Are you a big Lush fan, like me? What are you getting for Christmas? Please let me know your Lush-plan in the comments below or show me on Instagram using #PlanetManel. Thank you! X

What I eat in a Day!

A lot of times I get asked what I eat. Sometimes because people can’t imagine I can eat normal things being vegan. There are still people who think I only eat lettuce. Luckily there are also people who are genuinely interested. So I decided to write about it. I just picked a random day and I made a picture of everything I ate and drunk on that day. The day I picked was a day I didn’t go to the gym. Because on those days I tend to eat a bit more, with a bit more protein. Also my evening routine of my eating habits on those days are a bit different. In case you’re interested, I will post another “What I eat in a Day’ article about a gym day. Just let me know!

wieiadSo in the morning I always start with a big glass of water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon and 1/2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Then I tend to wait for 30-60 min before I drink my green smoothie (the green smile). In the meantime I do my yoga and meditation. Then in the morning, like most days, around 9:30 I start to eat fruit. Most of the time it’s apples. This day I ate 3 apples. I eat fruit in the morning because that way my body can digest the fruit well and I can absorb the vitamins much better. Eating apples make me feel hungry. It’s  like they clean up the whole inside of my body. I like that idea. That way I’m really looking forward to lunch and my body can easily digest my lunch too. For lunch (between 12:30-13:00) I alway eat a salad. I love my salads. I start with leafs, like lettuce and spinach. Then top it with any vegetable available. This day that was celery, tomatoes, peas and avocado. As a dressing I always use sesame seed oil. This is one of my big teaobsessions. I love sesame oil, I think it makes all salads delicious! I also use a bit of balsamic vinegar, a dash of lemon juice and ground black pepper corns. Salads like this will keep me going until about 16:00. To not feel hungry until dinner I eat a snack. This day I ate a Nakd bar and normally I tend to eat 1-2 pieces of fruit too, but that day I was too busy. I work until 18:00, what means that dinner is mostly around 19:00. Sometimes I have a little trouble eating a proper meal in the evening, because I just want to relax or have lots of other things to do. I always have to push myself a bit to look after myself in the evenings. This day I did and I ate some rice (white this time, but I mostly eat brown) with slow cooked tomatoes, pak choi mixes with spinach and chickpeas and some raw mangetout peas on the side. I love meals like this, it’s really a feast! A meal like this keeps me going the whole evening and I didn’t feel like snacking.

During the day I drink 4 cups of herbal tea. Mostly 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Also I drink at least 1-1.5 liter of water from my bottle.

Do you eat similar to me? Or do you have a whole different routine? I’d love to hear about it. Please let me know in the comments below or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X

Scrub and Shine

13535638_1178672852176816_97452737_nFor many many years I use a natural scrub. It actually started because I found good scrubs very expensive. Also I didn’t want to use a lot, so it’ll last longer, which ended up not using enough to have the best result. I thought of sugar and salt, but the problem is that they melt. So I decided to try it with ground coffee. And it was perfect. I used it together with some body oil under the shower and I could scrub away. You can use coffee you already used(after drinking the coffee from it), but as I don’t drink coffee myself I just buy ground coffee and use that.

13461312_1169448319765936_975829400_oNowadays I use it in combination with LUSH ‘Olive Branch’. I use it for my whole body, but also for my face. For my face I’m a lot more gentle though, because ground coffee can be quite rough. The best part is rinsing it off and feel your skin being smooth and nice. I do use ‘Olive Branch’ again, just to get the coffee smell off me, haha! And I use a nice lotion (Ro’s Argan from LUSH) afterwards to hydrate my skin and make it feel extra soft. This scrub method is great in combination with shaving. After shaving your skin can be very sensitive and have some red spots or/and you have the chance of ingrown hairs. By scrubbing your skin first you make sure the dead skin cells are removed, the hairs are up right and the blades can smoothly move over your skin to give you the best result.

For my face I like to use a facemask to hydrate and feed it. You could buy a face mask, but I really like to make my own. This way it’s super fresh and your skin gets fed straight from nature. One of my favourite is with avocado:


1/4 avocado (smashed)
1 tbsp oat flour
1 tsp coconut oil

-Mix everything together.
-Use a little bit of boiling water to make it a bit more runny, if necessary.
-Leave it in you face for 20 min before rinsing with lukewarm water.

It leaves your skin, hydrated, super soft and gives you a healthy glow. You just have to try not to eat your mask.. Good luck!

So I dare you to try it too! When you do, please let me know your experience or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X

Fridgecurious #2

13441574_1169590353085066_1288872978_oIn the first Fridgecurious my sister was showing the inside of her fridge. This time it’s going to be myself. I’m quite excited, because people are always wondering what I eat. Because some people still think vegans only survive on carrots and spinach. So this will be a good opportunity to show you guys.
My fridge is, not very surprising for other vegans, full of fruits and veggies. This is all for breakfast and dinner, because in the weekdays I eat lunch at work and in the weekends I mostly eat lunch (and sometimes dinner) out to test hotspots.
You can also see 2 Lush products. This is obviously not for eating, but these are facial masks. They are so fresh, that they have to be kept in the fridge. The ones in my fridge are my favourite. It’s the ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ and the ‘Rosey Cheeks’. I got them both for free. You can get free facial masks too if you hand in 5 empty and clean pots. I love this about Lush!

13441829_1169590309751737_1857653769_oIn the morning I always start with a big glass of water with the juice of half a lemon and half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (you can see this in the door). Then about an hour later I eat breakfast. My breakfast always consist of a smoothie, mostly a green one, and fruit. A mango, some berries or some apples. For my smoothie I like to use orange or apple juice, spinach or kale, banana, ginger, linseed and spirulina. I’m aware that the juices and the spinach/kale all come in plastic packaging, which I don’t really agree on. That’s why I ordered a juicer, so all my juice can come from the fruit I buy. As a matter of fact it can come any minute. I’m very excited!

When I get home from work I make myself a nice dish with lots of veggies. A risotto with more mushrooms and peas than rice, some grilled veggies, beans or chickpeas with lots of avocado and tomatoes and when I have a bit more time I make myself a nice green curry. That is my favourite! But overall it’s always something what is fast and easy to 13410664_1169590329751735_174141009_omake. I always try to eat in season. Not only because it’s cheaper, but also because I believe those foods have more nutrition and that’s why they taste a lot better! It’s easy for me to eat in season, because on Sundays I go to the farmers market which is only a 10 minutes walk from my house. There I buy as much fruit and veggies possible, because I also like to eat organic as much as possible and they don’t use plastic packaging. I always bring my own bag so I also don’t need their plastic bags to bring it home. It might sound silly, but it gets me very excited to walk home with a big bag of lovely fruit and veggies. It’s one of my moments of happiness during the week. So half the week my fruit en veggies come from the farmers market, but as it’s only once a week and I can’t buy for a whole week (it’ll go off and I don’t have so much space) I also have to go to the supermarket to get some necessities like spinach and kale. I do buy the organic though.

You can also see soy milk in my fridge. I use this to make my green tea. Normally I also have some hemp and almond milk, which I use for porridge and milkshakes, but that was finished when I took the picture. 13410671_1169615933082508_757200562_oThe butter you can see in the door I use for the odd occasion I eat bread, but I also do use it for baking now and then. I hardly use it, but once you bought it, it’s there. Haha!
Unfortunately I don’t have a very big freezer. I would love to freeze some more fruit for example, but that is just not possible here. What I always have frozen, just in case, are bananas, blueberries ans peas. At the moment there is also some breadfruit and raspberries in there. The fruit in my fridge is not all my fruit, because I keep my bananas, melons, oranges, lemons and other fruit out of the fridge. There is a mango in there and an avocado, but these are in the fridge just because I try to keep them a bit longer.

I hope this inspired you and if it did, please let me know in the comments! If you also like to show your fridge, please send me a message via contacts! Thank you! X

Beauty Routine

13453479_1169448609765907_594111696_oMy routine is very  important to me. It keeps me going and I feel good doing it. I almost never skip anything. The only time that happens is when I accidentally fall asleep or when I oversleep, but that basically never happens to me. But if it happens I don’t feel so comfortable. Maybe it’s because I’m quite a control freak, but also because I just don’t feel clean and that is not a nice feeling.
I have tried a lot of things and a lot of different products over the years, but at this moment I think I have the perfect routine. Because I know a lot of people are struggling to find a good routine or good products, I thought it’s a good idea to tell you mine. Maybe it’ll not work for you, maybe it will and maybe it only inspires you to create your own routine. I’ll tell you what I do in the morning and the evening and I’ll also tell you something about each product and how I use it. I hope you will enjoy reading this.

In the morning I always brush my teeth. I use the tooth tabs, ‘Miles of Smiles’, from Lush for this. This is my favourite as it has a nice fresh and minty taste. I only use half of one tab, because that is more than enough. I use the other half in the evening. You use it by chewing on it and then brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush. I love it! It’s also so handy for holidays, especially when you fly as you don’t have to put it in a plastic bag at the security. Another benefit is that you use everything. With toothpaste it can be quite tricky to finish it all, but with the tabs that is never a worry.

13460759_1169448286432606_740673601_oThen my make up. I only use a bit of foundation and mascara, which are both from ‘Barry M’. I started to use this quite recently and I’m very happy with it. The foundation has a good coverage, though I would be even happier if the colour was slightly lighter. As long as you don’t touch your face too much it’ll last as good as the whole day. Now the mascara is just amazing! The mascara I used before always smudged a bit under my eyes, even though it was waterproof, and I was always aware of this. It made me feel uncomfortable at times and I was always trying to make it go away, even if I wasn’t sure it was smudged. The mascara from ‘Barry M’ gets quite hard, but it doesn’t smudge at all and it gives a lovely length. I’m very happy with it. The only trouble maybe is that, because it’s stays on so well, it’s a bit tricky to get it off. But I got something for that, more about this later.

For my hair I only use a bit of coconut oil. It doesn’t really matter what brand, but I do make sure it’s organic and virgin. I do have to say that I really like the brand I’m using at the moment, called ‘Nutiva’. It has a very strong and not so obvious smell. I’d recommend it. So I just melt a bit in my hands and divide it over my hair. You have to be careful not to use too much, because then it looks like you didn’t wash your hair in weeks. Not a sexy look! I love the way my hair smells after it and it feels light, soft and there are zero knots.

13410344_1169450739765694_1733858665_oNow in the evening.. I always try to take a shower straight when I get home. Just so I’ll not be too tired before bedtime. The big star under the shower is definitely ‘Olive Branch’ from Lush. I do everything with it. I use is as a shower gel, for shaving, for scrubbing, for my hair and.. to remove my make up! To remove my mascara I first make my face wet and wait for about 5 minutes so the water can make the mascara a bit softer. Then I put only a tiny bit of ‘Olive Branch’ on my finger tips and gently massage is on my closed(!) eyes. Then I also wash the rest of my face with it. Rinse it off with water and it’s gone. To make sure everything is off my face and to calm it down, I use ‘Herbalism’ from Lush. I use this since the beginning and I love this product. Once you have a little bit of product in your hand, you add a few drops of water with it and rub it in your hands to wash your face. It smells nice, gives a very mild scrub and is gentle on your skin.

I scrub my body about once a week and I use ground coffee for this. Yes! If you like to try this too, this is how I do it: Apply the ‘Olive Branch’ over your skin and dip your hand in the coffee and then simply scrub scrub scrub.. I also use it for my face, but you have to be careful with this when you have a sensitive skin and always make sure you make soft movements and not for too long. You don’t want to break your skin.

13461312_1169448319765936_975829400_oMy favourite Lush product in terms of smell is ‘Ro’s Argan’. It’s a body conditioner, but I use it more as a lotion and I sometimes even use it as some sort of perfume before I go somewhere. The idea is to put it on your skin, leave it for a bit and then rinse it off, just like a conditioner for your hair. I use it after taking a shower and it makes me smell define. It’s a shame it’s so expensive, but I love it so much that I do buy it. A real treat!

As a nightcream, after the shower, I also use simply coconut oil. It’s a perfect natural moisturiser and your skin smells amazing. Coconut oil is anti bacterial, has vitamin-E and has anti-aging properties. And when I have a bit more time, as it takes a bit longer for coconut oil to be absorbed by your skin, I sometimes also use it as a body lotion. This is when I’m not using ‘Ro’s Argan’ of course.

Last but not least and very important. Deodorant! I tried so many brands and techniques, but now I found my ultimate favourite. And it’s the most simple and definitely the cheapest one. I use ‘Salt of the Earth’. It’s actually just salt what you rib on your armpits. You have to make your armpits a bit wet before applying it, but the handiest way is to just use it after the shower. It’s unscented, but it works for hours. I bought my one over a year ago and I’m sure it’ll last me at least until the end of this year. It’s amazing!

To easily find my favourite beauty products in the shop yourself, here is a handy list:
*Tooth tabs ‘Miles of Smiles’ – LUSH – £5,95
*Face cleanser ‘Herbalism’ – LUSH – £6,95
*Shower gel ‘Olive Branch’ – LUSH – £9,75
*Body conditioner ‘Ro’s Argan’ – LUSH – £16,50
*Coconut oil ‘Nutiva’ – Health shops – £9,50 (on sale)
*Deodorant ‘Salt of the Earth’ – Health shops – £4,99
*Foundation ‘Barry M’ – Superdrug/Boots – £5,99
*Mascara ‘Barry M’ – Superdrug/Boots – £6,49

*These are the prices I paid for it. The prices may vary of course.

Do you also have a routine? Are you always using the same products, or maybe even one of the products I use too? Please let me know or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X

Orange Orange Orange

13090606_1139272872783481_1929926087_oAs you (all?) know, I’m Dutch. And in Holland we celebrate ‘King’s Day’! For years and years (and years) that was ‘Queen’s Day’, but since the 30th of April 2013 we have a King. King Willem Alexander! ‘Queen’s Day’ used to be on the 30th of April, but Willem Alexander changed that to the 27th of April, because that is his birthday. That day, everything in Holland is orange. It’s a big celebration. There are a lot of activities planned(games, festivals) and it almost looks like Holland changed in one big market. Really lovely! Children and adults selling their old stuff on the streets of the cities(or villages). It’s a nice atmosphere and everybody is excited.

When it was still ‘Queen’s Day’ the whole royal family visited a few cities or villages that day. That city or village prepared a whole route for them and there were (dance, theatre etc.)performances and little games. It was nice because it was so interactive. The queen herself and all the other royal family members were playing games or were asked to do things and they always did. Very unique for a royal family to interact with the people like this. But unfortunately since Willem Alexander is king it’s not like this anymore. He changed some things. Now all the schools are doing ‘Koningspelen’. What means that on the last day before the May-holiday all the primary schools are playing games. This is to promote exercise and health. Which I think is a good initiative, but I do think it’s a shame that the tradition of them visiting places in Holland is gone.

Anyway, I thought for ‘King’s Day’ it’ll be nice to do something orange. So I went to Lush and looked for orange. Because after a long day of looking for cool vintage stuff on the markets and dancing on festivals, I think it’s time for a nice hot bath and relax! And why not take a bath in King’s style?!

13090624_1139197852790983_496354265_o  ORANGE BLOSSOM – luxury bath oil – £2

13090799_1139197836124318_835377227_o  THE ROUGH WITH THE SMOOTH – scrub – £5,95

13062729_1139197889457646_770505164_o  YOGA BOMB – bath bomb – £3,95

13090859_1139197866124315_385392291_o  HAPPY THOUGHTS – luxury bath oil – £2

13062606_1139197842790984_1801946372_o  ORANGE FUN – bath play dough – £5

Enough to choose from! My personal favourite out of these products is definitely the Yoga Bomb. It has a subtle, but lovely smell and makes beautiful colours in the bath. The luxury bath oils make your skin super soft, just as the amazing scrub. I think the last one is very nice for kids. Play and wash.. so much fun!

So quickly rush to a Lush store to get some orangeeeeee.. or choose for a next day delivery via the website!

Are you going to celebrate ‘King’s Day’? What are you doing to celebrate? Are you going to try these products or do you have an orange favourite? Please let me know or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X

Fridgecurious #1

12939268_1126343290743106_1586325496_nDo you also always look in somebody else’s trolley or basket in the supermarket? Or at the till.. what are other people buying? It’s so interesting what other people buy. What about having a look in somebody else’s fridge? I love looking in fridges, haha! I think there is so much you can tell about somebody’s personality and life, just looking at what they keep in their fridge. I give you the opportunity to have a look.. the first one who wants to show her fridge is my sister Melody.

She and her 2 kids(gosh I love them!) are vegetarian, so she does have a few non vegan products in her fridge. She works full time in shifts, so her hours are always very early or until late, what means she can have hectic mornings or she isn’t eating dinner at home. You can see that, even after just getting all her groceries, her fridge isn’t over full. When she is groceries shopping she just buys what she sees. She likes to buy fresh vegetables and fruit on discount. She always has things like pasta, rice, cous cous and tortilla wraps in her house, so there is always something to prepare a nice meal. Which is handy as she only starts to think about what to eat when it’s time to start cooking. She always cooks with fresh vegetables and also uses other fresh ingredients as much as she can.

12959412_1126343547409747_1907297163_oThe fresh 100% orange juice(not from concentrate) is for the green smoothies she makes for her kids in the morning. She herself always eats greek yogurt with muesli and apple for breakfast before her work out. She is a very good runner and on a good day she will run 10 km, just because she can. We definitely do not share these skills in our dna.. haha!


The other, besides the greek yogurt, non vegan products she does use are organic eggs, butter and goat cheese. She didn’t try Provamel’s new greek yogurt yet, but she is planning to do that soon and if she likes it she wants to use that instead. Sometimes she buys a meat substitute when it’s on discount, but normally she likes to use nuts, mushrooms, legumes and beans instead. 

The only unhealthy thing she keeps in her fridge is chocolate. Which isn’t that bad as it’s good for your mood she jokes! What is so true!! Also this week she had to try this chocolate cookie pudding, but normally she doesn’t buy puddings. Oh and the AlproSoya drinks are for her son to drink at school. Overall she does eat healthy and she tries to eat vegan as much as she can!

12939309_1126343264076442_26725825_nDid you like to have a look in somebody else’s fridge? Please leave a comment! Are you vegan or vegetarian and would you like to show your own fridge and tell about your eating habits? Send me a message and who knows.. your fridge might be next!

Morning Yoga

Yoga-line-drawingYoga is lovely. I think everybody can agree on that. It gives you energy, makes and keeps you flexible and best of all, it’s for everybody!
I was always interested in yoga, but I didn’t have enough discipline to do it from a book. I tried it a few times, but I couldn’t get into it like that. Luckily there was YouTube and even better.. more and more yoga video’s appeared. This was so much better than doing it from a book. Now I (try to) do yoga every morning. Not for hours, but just for about 15-20 min. My day goes so much better when I start my day like that. Because I would like you to start your day this amazing as well, I’ll show you what I do.

I’m a big fan of Tara Stiles her video’s. They are easy to follow and she has a pleasant voice(which is, I think, very important as she’s the first one you’ll hear waking up). She made a lot of video’s though, very hard ones too, but for in the morning I like to keep it simple.

sun_salutations_impotenceI always start with this one, which stretches you nicely and really wakes you up.
Then I do this one, which is sightly harder, but it’s nice for your whole body.
I end with the ‘Sun salutation’ and I do it about 3 times. Now I do this without a video, but in case you’re not familiar with the ‘Sun salutation’, I looked up an easy video, so it can help you learn how to do it.
When I have a lot of time, in the weekends for example, I sometimes do this whole routine twice or I improvise and do some lovely yoga poses by myself after the second video. I do always end with the ‘Sun salutation’ though. I love it when I have more time, because doing yoga makes such a difference to your day.

Let me know when you tried this after you wake up. I hope that you can notice a positive difference. Please share your experience in a comment. Thank you!