Sweet potato crisps / Turmeric shot

I am a big big sucker for sweet potato! I love it! I can eat it every day.. from the oven, fried, in my salad, with my dinner.. you name it. What means, sweet potato crisps are heaven for me. Though from the ones I’ve tried, the lightly sea salted crisps from Tyrrells are definitely my favourite. The taste is the best, but what I really like is that the crisps are not flat, but all in weird shapes. It crunches so nicely in your mouth and the taste seems to be better, I don’t know why. It must be the whole experience all together.. haha! The only ingredients they use for this one are: sweet potato, sun flower oil and sea salt. The crisps are hand cooked in England, gluten free and have nothing artificial in them. They also have one with sweet chilli flavour, but this one has sugar in it unfortunately. The one with coconut and lime is not vegan, so watch out!

Turmeric is so food for you. It is a root which has anti-inflammatory properties and has lots of anti oxidants. It may also prevent and slow Alzheimer + some forms of cancer. I can list a whole bunch of benefits right here, but a quick google will get you there too. You can use turmeric in you curries for example, but eating it raw is most beneficial. Then there are also these turmeric shots. They are perfect for an easy dose of this goodness. I tried the turmeric shots from James White and I really like them. It’s made with pressed apple juice, 15% of pressed turmeric, some concentrated lemon juice, organic chilli flavouring and a black pepper extract. The apple juice makes the taste less strong, in case you don’t like the taste too much. I got mine from the Whole Foods Market, but several health shops sell them. You can also order them online of course.

Did you already know these products or are you going to try them after reading this? Please let me know or show me on Instagram by using #PlanetManel. Would you like me to test and review your product(s) or do you have any suggestions? Please send me a message via CONTACT! It can be anything (food, drinks, beauty..) as long as it’s vegan. Thank you! X


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