Newsletter APRIL

Yes, it’s already April! The last month with an -r in the month, but the sun is shining a lot more often. There are flowers everywhere, the birds are building their nests and the first baby animals are born. Yay!

In last month’s newsletter I announced I would be on Banana Island from 20-26 of March. This means I only ate bananas (and a little greens) that week. I can now tell you that in total I ate 140 bananas and guess what.. I still like bananas! What did I experience during my time on Banana Island? On the 10th of April there will be a post about everything around Banana Island. I’ll tell you exactly how it went, what happened, what I experienced, if I found it helpful, if I would do it again and what happened after coming back from the island. So stay tuned!

Last night at 00:00 the Anniversary-giveaway ended. I want to thank everybody who entered, but I can only let 1 person win. To make it fair I used a generator (as shown in InstaStories). The winner of the Giveaway is: Sassyvegan. Congratulations!!

Personally I’m not a big fan of April’s Fools day, but you might want to prank somebody with Foolish Chocolate Mouse. A yummy recipe, especially for this day. Have fun!

Nothing planned for you Sunday afternoon yet? Then go to the Brixton vegan festival, between 12:00 – 19:00. A lovely beginning for spring. You can expect International Street Food, Eco Friendly Gifts, Alkaline & Raw Delights and some great Talks and Art Workshops. This all for only a £1 pound entrance!

08/04 – 09/04: VEGGIE WORLD
I am super excited for Veggie World as it’s one of the biggest and one of the oldest vegan festivals there is. You can expect a lot of stalls with food, fashion, beauty and a lot more andddd.. all vegan! There will be talks, cooking demo’s from plant based chefs, activities for children, animal yoga and do you want to start a business? There will also be some useful information for vegan entrepreneurs. Did you get your ticket? You pay £2 less if you pre order your ticket. So make sure you have your ticket and I hope to see you there!

What have you planned for this day off? Just an idea.. you could start with some raw pancakes at Nama or make a big breakfast yourself. Make it pamper day and get yourself a lovely bath bomb from Lush. Or.. if the weather is good, go for a day trip. For the people in London.. what about Brighton?! Looking for beautiful stones, beach walks, feel the wind blowing through your hair and have vegan pizza at Purezza. It’ll be refreshing and so much fun!

16/04 – 17-04: EASTER
Are you doing an egg hunt? Then you’re in need of vegan chocolate eggs. In my experience it’s quite tricky to get small chocolate eggs. Most of them are big. Super delicious, but a little much and expensive to get a lot of them. I did some research and found these mini eggs from Montezuma’s on amazon. I think they’re perfect. Click here to order them. You pay £8,69 for 9 eggs, but it’s free delivery! To make it less expensive, but more fun, you can also make some eggs of pastel coloured paper. You could write a nice message or quote on each of them or a question and make it into a quiz. It’s not about how many kg’s of chocolate you collect (or is it? Hehe..), it’s about the fun you have! Cruelty free fun!
I’m in Holland with Easter, to make and enjoy a good brunch. Are you going to make or go to an Easter brunch too? Take a look at my easter recipes: Stuffed Green Eggs and Hopping Bread.

Earth Day is a worldwide annual event. Events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Let’s all post something on our Facebook or Instagram what support Earth Day! Tell people about their carbon footprint if they’re not vegan.. Let’s spread the word!

On the 27th of April it’s King’s Day in Holland, a national holiday, in honer of King Willem-Alexander. Everything in Holland will be orange and there are a lot of activities (like children flee markets all around the country. The biggest party is in Amsterdam though. This attracts a lot of people all around the world!

Easter recipe, you might want to try this easter! Keep your eyes open for ‘Easter Puddy’!

Was this helpful, did you like to read this or do you have any questions? Please let me know in a comment below! Do you have any exciting things coming up what is related to veganism, positivity, spirituality etc? Please let me know! Send me a message via CONTACT and I might publish it in my next newsletter! Thank you! X


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