img_6896A party in the early morning! Granola is like having the most amazing confetti for breakfast. I really like granola, especially a home-made one. Some plain yogurt, fresh fruit and a little agave nectar.. yum! I sometimes have it for lunch or dinner too or I put it in a snackbox and have it in the afternoon. Oh and if you wrap it up in a nice bag and tie a ribbon around it, it’s even a nice little present to bring for somebody. You see.. so many reasons to make some lovely granola. This is the way I make it and I hope you’ll enjoy it. It might look like a lot of work, looking at the amount of ingredients, but I promise you that it’s not hard to make. They’re all quite common ingredients and if you just put all the ingredients in front of you, you basically only have to scoop the right amount in a big bowl. That’s most of the work done! Also, you can make a lot of granola in one time (you can even double the recipe) and you can enjoy it for a long time. Just make sure you store it in a good sealable container.


Serves: 8-12 portions

1 cup rolled oats
1/3 cup almond milk
1/4 palm sugar
2 tbsp coconut oil (melted)
2 tbsp agave nectar
2 tbsp coconut
1/3 raisins
1/4 almonds (chopped)
3 tbsp pumpkin seeds
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp linseed
1 tsp cinnamon
pinch of salt

img_6894-Preheat the oven at 170C.
-Mix the almond milk, the sugar, the coconut oil and the agave nectar in a bowl.
-Mix in all the other ingredients except the raisins and the coconut.
-Spread everything evenly on a baking tray and put it in the oven for 20 min.
-Add the raisins and the coconut and put it back in the oven for another 10 min.
-Let it cool down. Store it in a sealable container.

Do you like granola for breakfast? Or are you going to have it as a healthy snack? I’d love to hear it. You can let me know in the comments below, but even better.. you could show me by tagging me or by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


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