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Every new month I will write a newsletter. March has already started, so that is why it’s published today. From now on you can expect a newsletter every 1st of the month. I will write about anything new around PlanetManel, future plans, activities/festivals, new products, recipes and hotspots. I hope you will like it and you will find it helpful.

On the 12th Planet Manel celebrated its first anniverary! A year ago I started my blog and I’m very pleased that I’m still happily typing away. I love having my blog. Now veganism is so upcoming I’m happy that I’m able to help spread the word. It’s so imporatnt that we all educate the people around us. That’s why I’m so grateful for all my followers. I want to thank you all, because without you it isn’t much fun!
You also might have noticed that the website looks a little different. It was time for new pictures and some improvements. I made the topics more simple and I hope this helps you to find things more easily.
To really celebrate, I organised a lovely giveaway. Click here if you want to see what is there to win and how to enter. I hope you will!

20/03: SPRING
The day we’ve all been waiting for. Spring is officially starting today! Spring is one of my favourite seasons. The first warm sun rays, the flowers, the blossoms, the baby animals.. instant mood-lift!

Next week (20-26 of March), the first day of spring, I will be on Banana Island. For the people who don’t know what that means: it’s not a real island (unfortunately), but it means that you only eat bananas(20+). It’s a detox. You can do this for just 1 day or even for a month if you like, but I will be doing it for a week. It’s like a reset for your body. Your body only needs to digest bananas, what means very little energy will go to your digestive system. This left over energy will go to other things in your body, so it can heal. I never did this before and I’m very excited to notice the benefits. Some of the benefits are: clearer skin, clearing digestive system, more energy, the difference between emotional eating and real hunger, improves sleep. I will keep a journal and makes notes about all the changes I experience.
Does this sounds like something you would like to do to? Let’s do it together! Send me a message if you’re interested or if you want more information about this subject.

23/03: RAW-TALK
If you’re interested in Raw food, you might like to go to one of the Raw-talks from Paradise Unbakery. The next Raw-talk is on Thursday the 23rd of 
March from 18:30-21:00. Make sure you have a ticket.

This is only the second edition of this lovely festival, organised by Yogific. You can join talks and 20+ yoga classes for only £5. There will also be lots of yummy vegan food, live music, yoga challenges (and exciting prices to win) and 60+ 100% cruelty free stalls. You have to admit that this sounds amazing! If you like to go, then make sure you’re free on Saturday the 25th of March between 9:15 and 16:30. The festival is at the Kingston upon Thames Guildhall. To get your ticket(s) and for more information go to their website. I’m very excited about this festival!

Don’t forget! It’s Mother’s Day soon! Are you well prepared and do you already have something for your mum? What is better than an old fashion breakfast in bed, with a modern twist?! What do you think of ‘Chia Loves Oaty’, with some lovely eatable flowers on top? ..or enjoy a Middle Eastern breakfast together with ‘Azka Ftour’! Of course you can also always give her some nice chocolates, every mum loves that! My favourite chocolate to give away: Booja Booja!

Do you like to have an evening with like minded people? Then you should go to Vantra Vitao on the 27th of March. I’m sure there will be a lovely atmosphere and lots of good food (minimum spend: £12). You’re welcome from 19:00-22:00. Vantra Vitao is one of my favourite vegan restaurants for sure, so I’m quite sure you’ll not regret it.

08/04 – 09/04: VEGGIE WORLD
This is actually April news, but just because you can already order your tickets, order them now! It’ll be £2 pounds less when you pre order.

Not to worry, as a vegan you can still enjoy a delcious easter egg. A lot of brands (and every year there are more) now offer vegan options. Make sure to get your Vegan Easter egg before Easter. It’s nice to give away, to share or of course, to devour all by yourself! Vegan Easter egg brands: MooFree, Choices, Booja Booja, Tesco Finest Free From, Sainsbury’s Free From.

Super healthy and yummy granola! Keep your eyes open for ‘Breakfetti’!

Was this helpful, did you like to read this or do you have any questions? Please let me know in a comment below! Do you have any exciting things coming up what is related to veganism, positivity, spirituality etc? Please let me know! Send me a message via CONTACT and I might publish it in my next newsletter! Thank you! X


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