Freida’s Pantry bars

This February there is a new bar on the market. It’s not just a bar, but it’s especially made for busy, nursing mums. The creator of the bars is Sharon Kaur. She gave birth to her third son and because of health complications she wasn’t feeling well. She didn’t want to stop breastfeeding or top up with formula, so her mum bought her handmade supplies of a traditional eastern post-birth recipe. Short after she felt stronger and had enough milk to feed her son. This made her want to share this with other mums. This is how the Freida’s bars were born. There are 3 bars:fullsizerender-3



  • There is the ‘Fertile Food’ bar. This one has maca, chia, other seeds and 9 different grains. This bar gives you lots of energy. Energy you need being pregnant or after you just gave birth.
  • There is also the ‘Super Charged Food’. This one is also an energy bar. It’s full of protein-packed chia seeds, goji berries (which are full of vitamins) and quinoa (which contains all nine essential amino acids).
  • And then there is the ‘Feeding Food’ bar. This one is especially for nursing mums. They contain wholesome grains, nuts and seeds. They provide with you with the necessary protein and fiber. They also contain omega 3 and 6 (babies will benefit through breast milk). It has a lot of B vitamins to feel less tired and have more energy. They also contain a good amount of calories, coming from good fats.

img_6981The ‘Fertile Food’ and the ‘Feeding Food’ bar, both contain fennels seeds. This is good for stimulating the milk flow. The ‘Super Charged Food’ is also a good bar to eat before a work out. It will give you a nice amount of energy and it provides you with some protein. I was given the ‘Fertile Food’ bar to try and review and I must say that it was tasty. The structure was nice and I especially liked that it wasn’t too sweet. I also tried a little piece of the other 2 bars, because I was curious about the fennel. It was different, but tasty! I think it’s a good idea to make bars for nursing mum’s. As far as I know there isn’t anything like that yet. The only thing I do not agree with and what I img_7811think is such a shame, is that they’ve used golden syrup as a sweetener. Though they didn’t use a lot of it, I personally wouldn’t buy it because of that. I asked why they used this instead of a more natural sweetener, like Agave or dates for example. I was told that they tried that, but that it wasn’t working out well for the taste and that they wanted to keep it simple. For me ‘simple’ is using only natural products. Overall I liked the taste though and I think it’s a great idea. I hope that in the future they maybe change the golden syrup though.

If you want to try them, you can order them via their website. You can also get them via Ocado, Amazon, at the Whole Foods Market or at Superdrug.

Are you a (nursing or pregnant) mum? Did you already know these new bars or are you going to try it after reading this? Please let me know or show me on Instagram by using #PlanetManel. Would you like me to test and review your product(s) or do you have any suggestions? Please send me a message via CONTACT! It can be anything (food, drinks, beauty..) as long as it’s vegan. Thank you! X



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