Clipper Tea / Love Me Truly

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Especially for today I reviewed the ‘Love Me Truly’ tea from Clipper. Ok, I have to admit, the first time I bought this tea is because of the beautiful box. I was pleasantly surprised that it’s a Chai Infusion though. I love Chai tea, it’s my favourite. So that’s why I turned these bags of love into cups of love, as in Chai lattes. A little more than 2 weeks ago I gave you the little recipe of how I make the Chai lattes myself. Super easy, but super yummy! A good thing about this Clipper Tea is that it’s organic, so only goodness in your cup and no nasty pesticides. Check out the recipe here and make sure to make this heart warming drink tonight..

Did you already know this tea or are you going to try it after reading this? Please let me know or show me on Instagram by using #PlanetManel. Would you like me to test and review your product(s) or do you have any suggestions? Please send me a message via CONTACT! It can be anything (food, drinks, beauty..) as long as it’s vegan. Thank you! X


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