Love Recipes

13211137_1151392944904807_445924953_oPersonally I don’t like to eat out at Valentine’s Day. Just because isn’t that what everybody does? You’re in an overcrowded restaurant with lots of other couples, whilst I think it’s much nicer to be at home with an extra nice home-made meal. This way you can put all your love in the meal and going through the effort to create a nice meal, is so much more romantic than being in a very busy restaurant. The same for going to the cinema afterwards.. I like it much better to be in bed, cuddled up against my boyfriend, watching something nice. Netflix ‘n Chill! Haha! But back to the food.. what do you make for Valentine’s Day? Obviously something you both really like. Maybe you can even make it together or you can each make one dish? Valentine’s Day is of love and showing that you care. A great way to do that, is via food, hehe.. To give you some ideas, you might want to look at the recipes I’ve posted.

img_6590Though, if I can suggest some.. what do you think of the ‘Picobello Portobello’s‘? You can make it with a nice salad and it will look very nice and delicious. Or ‘Sqaushotto‘, making the risotto in a heart shape? And for dessert.. ‘Cccrumble crumble‘? Or ‘Vegolicious‘ in combination with some plain nicecream? Have a look and you might be inspired! Of course you can also make my Valentine’s recipe ‘Soulmates‘ for dessert.. also a good combination with nicecream. You can also make these and wrap them up nicely as a present. You can give them to your lover, your parents, siblings, friends.. whoever you love and think of on Valentine’s Day! Who doesn’t like chocolate hearts made with love?! Just make sure you put some effort in whatever you do to celebrate the day of love!

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Are you going to make some recipes with extra love? Please let me know what you’re going to make! You can let me know in the comments below, but even better.. you could show me by tagging me or by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


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