Raw Bars / Shampoo and Conditioner

For this review I tested 2 of the 7 flavours of Primal Pantry bars. I was especially very curious about the ‘Coconut Macadamia’ flavour as I’m crazy about coconut and I love macadamia nuts. I can already tell you, that this one is my favourite out of these 2. I do like the ‘Brazil nut & Cherry’ too, but it’s just sweeter and I like nutty. It’s personal taste. The structure of the bars is really nice and knowing that they don’t use any junk, makes it taste even better. The bars are paleo proof and so they’re free from grains, refined sugars, soy and processed vegetable oils. I also love the simple packaging, with these lovely soft colours. Very cute! I’m curious to try more flavours. Very handy, healthy snacks for on the way.

I love everything with rose smell, including roses itself, haha! I always washed my hair with Olive Branch from Lush, but my hair needed some more treatment as it became a bit dry. So I looked for a shampoo and conditioner from just one brand, because in combination it works better. I found the Urtekram Rose. I love the smell and I do like the shampoo quite a lot, but after using it for several weeks, I don’t have the idea the conditioner is making a lot of difference. In my opinion it could have been a bit more creamy too. Maybe my hair was just too dry, to notice a difference though. Something very positive I think, are the sizes of the bottles, not too small and not too unhandy big. Overall I think they’re nice hair care products. So if you have normal hair and you’re looking for a new vegan and cruelty free shampoo and conditioner, give it a go!

Did you already know these products or are you going to try them after reading this? Please let me know or show me on Instagram by using #PlanetManel. Would you like me to test and review your product(s) or do you have any suggestions? Please send me a message via CONTACT! It can be anything (food, drinks, beauty..) as long as it’s vegan. Thank you! X


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