img_2829Years ago I went to Giraffe and all I remember from that is that they have really good sweet potato fried. Lots of restaurants have them now, but at that time they were one of the few. So whenever I craved sweet potato fries, I’d go there. Then I didn’t go for quite long, because there are not a lot of restaurants around. Last summer I flew to Mallorca from Heathrow and before boarding I went to Giraffe again. For the fries, obviously.. but then I saw they also have a very healthy yummy vegan salad on the menu! So It was time they became a hotspot!

img_2830So this time I went to the Giraffe near Holland Park. I ordered the yummy salad and.. well, you know.. Haha! I must say that this salad is very good. It’s very tasty and very healthy. Such a good option if you’re out with other people and you want to choose something vegan and healthy. Apart from this salad and the fries, you can also order things like: olives, edamame beans, avocado on sourdough bread, roasted aubergine (without yogurt sauce), Spicy Rice bowl (without egg).. so they do have quite a few options. I should try something else next time. If you go to their website you can see all allergens described at each dish. There are many different things to choose from, as they’re a world kitchen. So a super good restaurant to go to with a group.

img_2828The restaurant near Holland Park is perfect for if you came from a beautiful (Holland Park is beautiful, it’s my favourite park!) stroll in the park and feel like having a nice meal. It’s only a 5 minute walk. You’ll feel welcome the second you walk in. I was served by a very kind and happy girl, what I find so important, whenever I eat out. I also really like their interior. They created a very nice place. It’s modern, but it still feels warm and homely, with different tables and seats. They did really well to create a worldly atmosphere. What means that you can almost see the menu through the interior. Also, it’s very child friendly, a real family restaurants. It’s for everybody really.

WHO? Giraffe.
WHERE? 120 Holland Park Ave, W11 4UA.
CUISINE? World kitchen.
VEGAN? No! (omni)
OVERALL? 7 (tasty food, nice atmosphere)

What do you think of Giraffe? Would you like to taste their amazing sweet potato fries? And would you go for a healthy salad or a spicy rice bowl? Please let me know in a comment below or show me on Instagram by tagging me or by using #PlanetManel. Thank you! X


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