Raw bars / Burgers

img_0387RAW BARS
When me, my sister and my mum were in the train on our way to Rotterdam, we met a really nice girl. The reason we started chatting is because she was reading the same book as me (Vegan for Her). She was vegan too, lived in the Czech Republic and worked for a really cool vegan company called ‘Lifefood’. They sell are sorts of raw food. All ‘Lifefood’ products are raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and there is no added sugar. They sell very cool stuff, like raw sausages, superfood powders, raw crispbread, all sort of treats and lots more. You should really take a look at their img_0386website. The girl happened to carry around the Lifebars and she gave us 3 to try. So kind! The bars don’t only look very nice, but tey’re also delicious. She gave us the ‘Chocolate’, the ‘Brazil Guarana’ and the ‘Carob Hazelnut’. Especially the ‘Brazil Guarana’ was really yummy. Later when hotspot hunting in Rotterdam I found a coconut flavour in a health store called ‘Gimsel’. I really liked the coconut! I didn’t see them in any stores in the UK yet, but in case you can get your hands on them somewhere, I recommend trying them. You can always order them from their website. Though it can’t take long before a good brand like this is also available in stores around the UK.

When going for a nice burger these ones are really good. They have a nice texture and they taste great. They also taste amazing with some nice mash potato and some veggies on the side. I like these burgers because they taste quite neutral and they go with everything. They’re soy based, so they contain a lot of protein (18,2gr). What makes it very nice for people who go to the gym and want to get some extra protein into their bodies after a work out. Linda McCartney is not all vegan, because they also do some vegetarian things. Though they don’t only have vegan burgers. There is a whole range of vegan products. For all their vegan options you can go to their website. I also really like their sausages. A huge benefit of Linda McCartney sausages is that it’s available in most supermarkets, even some smaller ones. So for a quick meal you just throw them on a nice bun with some ketchup and yum!

Did you already know these products or are you going to try them after reading this? Please let me know or show me on Instagram by using #PlanetManel. Thank you! X


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