Cookies / Mac and Cheese

In 1993 Lenny&Larry’s was born. It started with 2 guys loving the gym, but they didn’t want to always eat the same thing to get their protein. They wanted to have tasty things. So they decided to put protein in the things they craved. Today’s biscuits do not only taste home-made and contain 8 or 16 gr of protein, they also contain 8 gr of fibre, they’re vegan and are made with non GMO ingredients. You can’t get these biscuits in the supermarket I’m afraid, at least I’ve never seen them there. I get them from this shop with all sort of treats and snacks next to Westfield. There are 11 flavours and they all look amazing. I tried the ‘White chocolate Macadamia’, the ‘Pumpkin Spice’ and the ‘Double Chocolate’. A few months ago I also tried the ‘Snickerdoodle’. Out of the ones I tried I really like ‘Snickerdoodle’ and ‘Double chocolate’ the best. I do really like to try ‘coconut chocolate chip’ too. So if I bump into those, no doubt I’ll get it! I do like the biscuits, especially because they’re huge. What I think is a shame is that they are not crunchy. It’s probably a matter of taste, but I would have liked them better with a bit of crunch. Lenny&Larry’s don’t only do biscuits, they also do muffins and brownies and they sell a whole range of fun T-shirts and tops. For this you can visit the website.

By going vegan a lot of people tend to miss cheese the most or they find it hardest to give up. Especially dishes like mac&cheese. Now you could definitely make a nice mac&cheese with a yummy cashew nut sauce, but if you don’t feel like that, then there is always the rice mac&cheeze from Amy’s Kitchen. I always wanted to try this, but I never really got to it. Now that I have this fun new article about testing and reviewing products, I think it was a good idea to finally try it. I was really excited about it and luckily I liked it. It’s a little different from what I expected, but I really liked the taste and the consistency. It’s creamy, but it doesn’t have a very strong taste. Just right I would say. I would like to recommend it, so go and try it for yourself. Also because I quite like the company. They have a lot of other yummy things. I’m a big fan of their soup and I like that they’re using a lot of organic ingredients. On their website it’s easy to see what products are vegan, super handy!

Did you already know these products or are you going to try them after reading this? Please let me know or show me on Instagram by using #PlanetManel. Thank you! X


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