Fed By Water

fbwI actually know about this restaurant for quite a while already. Somebody told me about it in the beginning of this year and then it was just on my hotspot list for ages. The reason is because at that time I looked it up it seemed like a hassle to get there. Silly me.. as when I looked again it turned out I can be there within 30 minutes by taking 1 train, from the opposite of where I live. Easy! My friend Pavla came to visit me that day. I didn’t see her for a long time, because she was traveling for quite a while. Before she went away we used to do some hotspot hunting together and it was very nice to go here with her.

fbw3The first thing I thought when I walked in was ‘what a cool place’! I immediately regret the fact that I only went here now. It’s all black and I would say it’s a mix between industrial and modern. It’s not very big, but there is enough space to sit very comfortable. The staff was so kind, as we took ages to decide what to get. Everything is vegan and it was just very hard to make a decision. When I’m at a place I really like, I always tell myself I should go again soon. The only thing is that there are always more hotspots to discover and my stomach can only take so much. Though, I must say I think about this restaurant a lot and I’m very sure I want to go again.

fbw2As a starter we ordered ‘cheesy balls’. They looked so nice, so much creativity on a plate. We shared all 4 of them and the flavours really came together. They also serve really cool 2 coloured bread. Not much later our main dishes came our way. It looked amazing! I must say that Pavla her food was a  bit tastier than mine though. Pavla chose this incredible vegetable dish what looked like a lasagna (if I remember well it was the ‘Parmigiana’) and it was so full of flavour, it was too good. I chose the ‘soy chunk skewers with bbq sauce and potato wedges’, as I wanted to choose something no other restaurant offers. The potato wedges were the best I’ve ever had and the salad was so crispy and fresh though, but the soy chunks were a bit tasteless. The only taste was the huge amount of bbq sauce on top. I still liked it because it was very chewy, so different and recently I like to try new things on the menu. We were sitting next to a big sign with all the desert written on it. I think that was very clever of them, because if there is a sign with ‘chocolate pizza’ next to you for almost an hour, you will order it. So we did. It was big enough to share and you can even divide it in 4 and still have a nice dessert each. It was deeeeeeelicious!

fbw4About Fed By Water. It’s located in Dalston, just across from the Dalston Kingsland overground station and they serve an authentic, traditional Italian cuisine. You can order soup, salads, pasta’s, pizza’s and some amazing starters. If you’re very hungry, I’d recommend the calzone as it’s huge! They also do something with live music. I can’t find anything on their website about it apart from that they’re working on it. Live music and vegan food sounds amazing though, doesn’t it? You can also get their food delivered and they do a catering service (what looks amazing btw!). More information about this you can find on their website.

WHO? Fed By Water
WHERE? 64 Kingsland High St, E8 2LX
CUISINE? Authentic, traditional Italian
OVERALL? 9 (Just great!)

Do you know Fed By Water or are you very exciting to go now? I definitely recommend going there. The food is so great, the interior amazing and the staff very friendly. Please let me know about your experiences. You can do that by leaving a comment below or by showing me on Instagram by using #PlanetManel. Thank you! X


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