Fruit packs / Soup

I love baby food. A lot of people think I’m crazy, but I also met a few people who agree with me. I like all sorts of baby food, even the ones with veggies in them. There are so many different brands, but my favourite is definitely Ella’s Kitchen! The taste is just amazing and I like it even more, because it’s organic and there is no crap at all. My favourites are the ones on the picture and then especially the ‘mangoes, pears and papaya’ one. I eat them like a snack, as a healthy dessert, over yogurt or over fruit. They are delicious! For the people who really have babies I’d recommend Ella’s Kitchen too. Though I’m a big believer in making the food for your baby yourself (invest in a good food processor), because you can’t get it any fresher and because it gives less waste. And for all the grown ups who like baby food, go and try these! Ella’s Kitchen is not vegan though, they also have things with meat and dairy. Though they have a big range of vegan things. Yay! Visit their website to have a look at all their products.

I never heard of Tideford soup before, until recently. I was at the Whole Foods Market and I saw them in the fridge. It said ‘organic’ and ‘vegan’ and I’m just a sucker for those 2 things, especially combined. When I did my research I’ve found out they decided to go 100% vegan. They have soup, sauces and even pesto and they’re all vegan now. For all the varieties of soup and other products, you can visit their website. They also have a lot of information about why being vegan is so good. I think I just have a new favourite brand! About the soup I tried.. they both have a very strong taste and I liked the ‘minestrone’ a bit better than the ‘miso broth’. What I think is positive, but some people might find it a bit overwhelming. I think you just have to try it and test which one you like best. Did I mention that all their products are also free from gluten, wheat and nuts?! Brands like this are definitely worth supporting.

Did you already know these products or are you going to try them after reading this? Please let me know or show me on Instagram by using #PlanetManel. Thank you! X


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