London Farmers’ Markets

fm2There are quite some Farmers’ Markets in London. What is great, because it gives you the opportunity to buy directly from the farmer. All fruit and veggies come straight from the field into your fridge, how great is that?! A lot of Farmers’ Markets are also selling organic fruits and vegetables. You can check on the website if the Framers’ Market closest to you is selling any organic products.
What I really like about Farmers’ Markets is that they sell in season. What gives a lot of inspiration for all sorts of recipes every time you pay them a visit.

The closest Farmers’ Market for me is Queens Park and it’s a lovely one! I’m so lucky to have this so close by. They have lots of different fruit and veggie stands and also some organic ones. The Farmer’s Market are there every Sunday from 10:00-14:00. What means that between 10:00-11:00, after a lazy morning, I get my big bag and head to all those beautiful and colourful fruit and vegetables. It’s a lovely walk too as I have to go through Queens Park. I always get quite excited and have to hold myself back from buying every piece. I would struggle taking everything home and also I can’t eat it all by myself.

fmUnfortunately the Farmers’ Markets are not vegan. Not even vegetarian. They also sell meat, fish and other animal products. I personally really dislike that, especially if the smell is very strong. Luckily there are also some surprisingly nice vegan things to get. In my Queens Park Farmers’ Market there is a stand called ‘The Bow Belly’ and they sell a few delicious looking vegan treats. There is also a stand called ‘Popina’ and they sell veryyy tasty vegan rolls (in between a wrap and a lumpia), so big that you can easily eat one for lunch.There is also ‘Breadren’ and they also have some vegan options. I must say that both times I tried something of ‘Breadren’ it was a bit dry. Could be that I was just unlucky. I also really like all the bread stands with beautiful whole wheat and rye breads and so much more! For bread I always try to be early, because it’s not getting any fresher by standing outside the whole time. All stands are also on other markets and by clicking on their name you can find where they are on what day and time.

Do you like to go to Farmers’ Markets? What do you like to buy there? And are you mainly choosing organic produce? Please let me know or show me what you bought via Instagram by using #PlanetManel. Thank you! X


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