St. Helens Cafe and Deli

salad‘St. Helens Cafe & Deli’ is very close to my work. My employer gets her coffee there once in a while and so that’s how I know it. The first time I went inside I was really surprised by the amazing salads I saw. From the outside it just looks like an ordinary cafe but they really have a lot of nice things. A lot of big bowl and dishes with freshly made salads, looking so delicious. They also have a few plant based milks available and so I decided to have breakfast there one day. I ordered porridge made with coconut milk and the smoothie of the day. It was lovely weather outside, so having my breakfast outside was thrilling. The porridge came in a big bowl and the greyish looking smoothie in a big glass and after taking a few bites and a few sips I was very disappointed. There were no toppings and nothing to give it any taste. The structure was a bit slimy and it looked and tasted like it was made with cows milk. It made me feel sick and I didn’t eat it. The smoothie wasn’t any better. The straw stood up right in the glass and it was impossible to take sips of this weird looking substance. I expected quite a lot looking at those salads, but this really wasn’t eat- or drinkable. It doesn’t happen a lot that I don’t finish something, but I didn’t have a choice. I really think it will be easy to make improvements as a few nuts, agave nectar and seeds on top of the porridge would make a huge difference. The smoothie was just made with the wrong amount of ingredients I think. Keeping it simple should do the trick.

teaSo my first experience was very disappointing. I didn’t want to write only a bad review, so I decided to give it another chance. A few weeks later I went for lunch. I asked to have a bit of all the vegan options, green tea with soy milk and a raw snack bomb. I was so happy after I put the first bite in my mouth. It was heavenly! All the salads, everything I tasted was absolutely amazing. The tea was very nice and they gave me the perfect amount of soy milk on the side. The snack bomb was nice too, I tried one before and I must say that one was nicer, but this almond one was still very tasty. I’m so happy that I gave them a second chance, because I wouldn’t have want to miss this. I will definitely come back for the salads now.

chocolate‘St.Helens Cafe & Deli’ also sells some handy groceries and surprisingly there are a lot of vegan options. They sell Nakd bars, raw fruit bars and even chocolate from iChoc. Something also very nice about ‘St. Helens Cafe & Deli’ is the nice staff. Since the beginning they have been very nice and I have never been disappointed by them. Always friendly and very helpful. You can sit inside or outside. It’s not very big inside, but at least 12 people can sit comfortably. Luckily porridge is not the only breakfast option, you could also have some sourdough bread with jam. For lunch the salads are definitely a great choice. They don’t always have the same salads available, but they change. So it’s always a surprise of what there is, but there are always enough vegan options to choose from. To give you an idea, on the day I was there I had at least 6 different salads on my plate. They’re open every workday from 8:00-18:00, on Saturdays from 8:30-17:00 and on Sundays from 9:00-16:00.

Go and choose some delicious salads!

55 St Helens Gardens
London W10 6LN

Did you go to St.Helen’s Cafe before or would you like to try one of their salads now? Please let me know about your experience! You can always comment below. You can also tag me or use #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


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