My Favourite Kitchen Tools

13548882_1178672812176820_1302828459_oThere are a lot of kitchen tools available. A lot of gadgets! Do you need all of those things? I must say that there are a lot of handy things out there, but there is also a lot you really don’t need. There are some things I really can’t live without. Like my Vitamix.. I love my Vitamix! I use it every day. Especially for my morning smoothies, but also for  making sauce, soup and of course nice cream. What I also use every day is my lemon squeezer, super handy. To give you an idea what I use and what I think is useful to have, I put together a list with all the things I use in my tiny kitchen.

-Food processor.
-A big sharp kitchen knife.
-A good chopping board.
-Tomato knife.
-Garlic press.
-Can opener.
-Fine peeler.
-Lemon squeezer.
-Measuring cups/spoons.
-Measuring jug.
-Wooden spoons.
-Mixing bowls.
-Good wok + set of pot/pans.

I think if you have all these tools, you can basically make everything you want. I would love to hear if you have any more suggestions I should add to my kitchen.

Do you have all these tools in your kitchen already? What is your favourite kitchen tool? Please comment below or show me by tagging me or using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


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