Simply Heaven

13499836_1178672748843493_1426228282_oSimple and delicious. If this sounds good, then I’m sure you’ll love this recipe! Also it contains peanut butter.. do I need to say more? Chocolate and peanut butter.. I know it gets better and better. Milkshakes are a very good snack. And you can also drink them before or after a sweaty work out. This one especially is very good for that. It’s filling, but filled with energy. I actually made this recipe sort of by accident. I fancied a milkshake and got all the things I liked and could find and put it together. The result was so tasty that I decided to write it down so I can share it with you guys. I hope you’ll like it just as much as me. Enjoy!

13548967_1178672752176826_877614806_o (1)SIMPLY HEAVEN

Serves: 1

300 ml hemp milk
1 (big) tbsp peanut butter
1 frozen banana (chopped)
1 tbsp cocoa
1/2 tsp cinnamon

-Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend until nice and smooth.

Are you going to try this milkshake? Please let me know or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


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