The Gate

13467255_1173405892703512_1527686130_oThis restaurant I discovered by looking for vegan restaurants on the internet. Funny that this is in Hammersmith, because I’ve been in Hammersmith so many times and know it quite well. I never knew about this restaurant though, which is established the year I was born! You understand that I had to go. It’s very close to the station, only a 3 min walk, which makes it handy for if you come from elsewhere. Because this is a restaurant you go to for the restaurant itself. Not just a quick lunch , but a proper lunch or dinner. With a group of friends, family or your lover. It’s perfect for dining, ‘staring into each others eyes’ and chatting.

13499465_1173405902703511_1619650406_oWhen I was looking for it and my navigation said I arrived I didn’t exactly see it straight away. Because you can’t really see the restaurant itself. You have to go through a ‘gate’, walk through a little garden, open a door, walk up stairs and there it is. A lovely restaurant. I felt quite excited when I saw what it looked like. This is what makes looking for hotspots so nice! It’s such a light place thanks to the huge window in the middle, what reaches all the way over the ceiling. Stunning! The rest of the ceiling is high, wooden and white, with industrial lights hanging down. I love it! The rest of the interior is dark and modern and the restaurant is quite big too. More than 50 people can sit down to enjoy a lovely menu.

13467431_1173405962703505_2093324917_oThe menu isn’t very big, but about half of it is vegan. I was there on a sunday and they have an extra sunday roast menu, where you can choose 2 dishes for £18,50 or 3 for £21,50. Overall the food is slightly expensive, but if you then compare it with what you get and where you’re sitting, I think it’s more than worth it. Looking at all the amazing things on the menu, I decided to go with the 3 courses. As I saw sweet potato as a side dish, I asked if I could have that as a starter instead of the starters you could choose from. I loveeeee sweet potato. The waitress looked a bit confused, but she said she was sure it was ok. When I got my sweet potatoes I got the confused look. In front of me was a huge sweet potato and it was almost a meal by itself. I think this is a side you should enjoy with 2 or more people. But as I’m a huge sweet potato fan and this one was just delicious I almost finished it all. As a main I ordered a burger, 13467492_1173405929370175_715421615_owhich was super delicious too. With al sorts of salads and guacamole. And last, but in this case, definitely not least.. a vegan cheesecake for dessert. It was define.. but so filling! Like I wasn’t full enough. I don’t know how, but I managed to eat it all. Must have been very tasty then.. haha! I was very full, but so satisfied after eating this lovely meal.

13467410_1173405906036844_1458137367_oThe whole time I was sitting there I was thinking ‘I’m definitely coming back here’! I’m sure this will be such a nice place to have a nice meal with other people. I really recommend this restaurant. A lovely place to celebrate your birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. The staff is very friendly and you know how important I find that. I can’t find anything I dislike about this lovely restaurant. They also have a restaurant in Islington and 2 vegetarian cook books. If you’re curious about the cook books or you would like more information, pease visit their website!

13453424_1173405992703502_726135933_oDo you know ‘The Gate’? Did you go to one, or maybe even both of the restaurants and what was your experience? Or are you going here after reading this? Please let me know or show me using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X



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