Falafel King

IMG_8513For many people this is their favourite place to get falafel. And I get why. Though it’s quite a simple form, this is what you expect form a good falafel. You can choose between a white or a brown pita bread and it comes with houmous and a crispy salad. I think the simplicity is strength here. Also the falafel itself is truly delicious!
‘Falafel King’ is on Portobello Road near the Westway bridge, on the corner. It’s easy to find as you can’t miss the lovely outside. I think it looks very appealing. The inside is even nicer. Though it’s quite basic inside, the walls are far from that. It almost looks like a museum. There are all hand painted signs, dishes and others things hanging on the walls. I love it! Even think some are worth hanging 13445933_1168470216530413_94304787_oat home. It was a nice surprise. This is probably one of the reasons you’re not allowed to take pictures inside. I always ask before I take a picture somewhere, but here they weren’t very keen on it at first. After a little miscommunication and my explanation why I wanted to take a picture I luckily got permission. Yay!


You can’t really sit inside, but there are a few seats outside. So on a sunny day it’ll be lovely to sit there with your falafel. A fun fact is that next to ‘Falafel King’ is the ‘Banksy – Graffiti Painter’. Worth having a look in case you’re into street art.

Some downsides I would say are the opening hours. ‘Falafel King’ is open from 11:00-19:00 every day. There is not one evening where it’s open for a bit longer. One time after 13405678_1168470203197081_509059193_owork I wanted to go there as I had to kill some time, but they were just tidying everything up and so I had to look for a quick dinner elsewhere. It was a shame. Also in my opinion I think they’re quite expensive. You pay £6,00 for 1 portion. You do get a free tasty lemonade with that though, which I think is a lovely gesture.

Overall I think it’s a nice place to get a good falafel. It’s a good place to take a break from all the amazing treasures Portobello Road has to offer. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied and though my personal favourite is still ‘Falafel Point’, I do see myself coming back here now and then.

Where do you get your favourite falafel? Please let me know or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X



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