Scrambled Breakfast

13410778_1169109209799847_1613664408_oSometimes you’re very hungry in the morning. This is mostly when you had a late night and a long sleep in. You’re craving for a good filling breakfast. Well.. looking at the time.. it’s more like brunch! Or maybe you’re a very hungry person at 6:00 in the morning, who knows.
This recipe will be yummy in both situations. It’ll keep you satisfied untill it’s time for (a late) lunch. You could also add some houmous and make it lunch or a light dinner. What a multi purpose recipe! And you’ll be happy to know it’s super fast and simple to make. Give it a try!


13410622_1169109176466517_2112894846_oServes: 1

1 pita bread
100 gr tofu
6 medium mushrooms (cut in 4)
6 cherry tomatoes (cut in 1/2)
4 babycorns (chopped)
1/2 spring onion (chopped)
1/8 turmeric
salt/pepper (to taste) 

-Start by warming a little bit of olive oil in a frying pan.
-Make sure the tofu is drained before you scramble it into the pan.
-Add the turmeric and keep mixing it on a medium to high fire for about 3-4 minutes.
-Add the mushrooms and the babycorn and keep mixing now and then until the mushrooms are half their size. In the meantime warm the pita bread.
-Last but not least, add the tomatoes, the spring onion and some salt and pepper to taste. Fry this for about 2 minutes and serve with the warm pita bread.

Are you somebody who likes a filling breakfast? Are you going to try this recipe? Please let me know or show me using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


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