13839860_1196352023742232_1159194431_oI heard a lot about the dish Bibimbap and it made me curious. Bibimbap is a dish from Korea and basically is rice with vegetables. You pour a nice sauce over it and all the flavours come together. It’s simple, but aren’t the simple dishes always the best? When I was on my way to the lovely Mildred’s restaurants one day, I walked past this Korean restaurant Bibigo and it looked so nice from the outside that I quickly looked at the menu. They had Bibimbap and I decided to test it the next time I was in Soho.

13839779_1196352047075563_1391173835_oIt’s a typical Asian restaurant and it looks nice and welcoming. What I really like is that the menu has pictures from every dish. This is so helpful for people who find it hard to make a decision. Also it just looks nice! Unfortunately there is not a lot of vegan on the menu, but you can order the Bibimbap with a soy sauce. Make sure you mention this, as the original sauce contains fish sauce. The portion isn’t super big, so in case you’re hungry or with more people, make sure you order some sides. Originally Bibimbap comes in a hot sizzling bowl, but you can also choose to have it in a normal bowl. As it was quite hot outside that day I decided to go for a normal bowl, but I’m sure I’d like to try one in one of those fancy hot bowls! Compared to the bowls I’ve seen before, I think this is quite a basic Bibimbap, but the veggies were fresh, the sauce perfect and it was very tasty.

13840460_1196352020408899_1715155209_oBecause the restaurants doesn’t have a lot of vegan options this might be a fun restaurant to go to with friends and family who are not vegan.
Bibigo has 2 locations in London, one in I went in Soho and one in Angel. Both restaurants give you the possibility of private dining. So if you have something to celebrate, this might be an original place to do it.

13839768_1196352040408897_1713276798_oThe Korean kitchen is a kitchen full of culture and has evolved over two thousand years. There is a lot of information about this on their website and I would recommend you to have a look.

Do you like the Asian kitchen? And are you ready to discover the Korean one? Let me know or show me on Instagram using #PlanetManel if you decide to go. Thank you! X



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