Taste of Chamberlayne

13839828_1196349820409119_79861998_oFunny thing is that you never go to the restaurants and cafe’s very close to you. At least that’s the case with me. I think it’s because you can easily eat at home when you’re that close. Though, sometimes it’s nice to just eat some nice food without doing a thing for it. The ‘Taste of Chamberlayne’ is the closest cafe ever and I never go there. When I was thinking of going to live in this neighbourhood I went to get a salad here and I drunk tea a few times. Just to have a feel of it all. I remember really enjoying the falafel salad and that they’re very easy going when it comes to making something plant based. And because it’s just a very lovely cafe, I would like to share it with you.

13833012_1196349830409118_882841181_oThe ‘Taste of Chamberlayne’ is just a very nice cafe. I really like the interior. It’s very vintage. With lots of different chairs, tables and a really nice blue-ish sofa in the back. The whole place just looks great. A lot of people know this cafe and that is no wonder. You could go for a lovely bagel for breakfast or a delicious salad for lunch.. and they have some nice fresh juices available too. I went for the falafel salad again and I found out I remembered well. It was very tasty, with the falafel, tahini sauce, yummy green olives and grilled veggies. And because it was so hot outside I also ordered a refreshing watermelon juice. Stay hydrated!

13838470_1196349817075786_543465811_oThanks to the wifi and the relax atmosphere it’s a perfect cafe to get some work done, so just bring your laptop, order a beverage and I’m sure you’ll do great. On sunny days, especially in the late afternoon whilst the sun is low and shining it’s last warm rays on the terrace (read: on your face), it’s lovely to sit outside. They have a few tables available and when it’s too hot there is a den covering the terrace.
Down stairs there is a little children’s play area. Perfect for if you want to enjoy a well deserved cup of tea whilst your little one can have a run around.

There is also the possibility to have take away, what is always handy. They’re open from 7:00-18:30 and if you want to have a look at their whole menu before you go, you can find that on their website. I’m sure the friendly staff is ready to make you something nice!

Do you know the ‘Taste of Chamberlayne’? Are you up for one of their yummy salads or would you just like a nice cup of tea in a relax environment? Please let me know or show me on Instagrams using #PlanetManel if you go. Thank you! X


2 thoughts on “Taste of Chamberlayne

  1. Funny, we usually dine close because we don’t like to travel far for a meal. Usually we dine out because we can’t be bothered going grocery shopping before cooking. It’s good to have a close and good local.


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